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I told you last month that I was gonna have this ebook Python 3 Object-Oriented Programming – Second Edition in my digital library and will study it in this summer. I download this book then. Fortunately, this book is free again, and if you have missed during last 24 hours giveaway, do not miss it now. It is a great source of learning Python 3.

Python 3 is more versatile and easier to use than ever – it minimizes development time, increases productivity in comparison to other languages, and lets you write clean, maintainable code. This second edition includes all the topics that made Python 3 Object-oriented Programming an instant Packt classic, from the object-oriented paradigm to higher level libraries such as database connectors and GUI toolkits.


  • Implement objects in Python by creating classes and defining methods
  • Separate related objects into a taxonomy of classes and describe the properties and behaviors of those objects via the class interface
  • Extend class functionality using inheritance
  • Understand when to use object-oriented features, and more importantly when not to use them
  • Discover what design patterns are and why they are different in Python
  • Uncover the simplicity of unit testing and why it’s so important in Python
  • Grasp common concurrency techniques and pitfalls in Python 3
  • Exploit object-oriented programming in key Python technologies such as Kivy and Django.
  • Object-oriented programming concurrently with asyncio


  • Stop writing scripts and start architecting programs
  • Learn the latest Python syntax and libraries
  • A practical, hands-on tutorial that teaches you all about abstract design patterns and how to implement them in Python 3

Important: All the freebies mentioned here are free at the time of publishing this article. It may, you see some price tag instead of “Free” when visiting the store which means the product is no longer available as “Free”. Not being free and you buy or download it, you may be charged with the price of the product. Please, also be aware that some apps may have in-app-purchases options.

Click on the big button below to get your free copy of Python 3 Object-oriented Programming – 2nd Edition. You can download it in PDF, ePub, Mobi and Kindle formats. If you want, you can read it online as well in your browser.

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