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Version Control Systems are essential for collaborative software development, which is in turn a great way to hone your abilities and learn new skills. Today’s eBook will get you working with the immensely popular, web-based GitHub – it has over 14 million users and is the largest host of source code in the world with over 35 million repositories. Learn how to create a repository, manage team access, effectively use the issue tracker, create project documentation, schedule and release versions of your software, build a community around your project with GitHub tools, build free static websites for your projects, and more. Unleash the power of GitHub’s collaborative development workflow with this eBook!

Whether you are an experienced developer or a novice, learning to work with Version Control Systems is a must in the software development world. Git is the most popular tool for that purpose and GitHub was built around it leveraging its powers by bringing it to the web.

Starting with the basics of creating a repository you will then learn how to manage the issue tracker, the place where discussion about your project takes place. Continuing our journey we will explore how to use the wiki and write rich documentation that will accompany your project. Organization and team management will be the next stop and then onto the feature that made GitHub so well known, Pull Requests. Next we focus on creating simple web pages hosted on GitHub and lastly we explore the settings that are configurable for a user and a repository.


  • Create and upload repositories to your account
  • Create organizations and manage teams with different access levels on repositories
  • Use effectively the issue tracker and add context to issues with labels and milestones
  • Schedule and release versions of your software
  • Work effectively with a team and collaborate on code
  • Create, access, and personalize your user account and profile settings
  • Build a community around your project using the sophisticated tools GitHub provides
  • Build easy to deploy, free of charge static websites for your projects


  • Effectively use GitHub by learning its key features that leverage the power of Git and make collaboration on code easy to work with.
  • Be more productive on the development workflow of your projects using the valuable toolset that GitHub provides.
  • Explore the world of GitHub by following simple step-by-step real world scenarios accompanied by helpful, explanatory screenshots

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