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Goodbye Windows Here Comes Linux – Tale of My Journey to Linux


It might be the best decision I have ever made regarding operating system selection for my personal use. But the decision is made and have been implemented a few days ago. Yes! I have installed Linux on my personal laptop after using Windows OS for more than fifteen years on four laptops and three desktops. Being a new to Linux, I may write incorrect typologies. Forgive it, please.

The decision to use Linux was not easy as I have always used Windows as my primary operating system. If I remember, the first time I installed and operated Linux was almost 15 years ago. That was Redhat Linux. That was not easy to install and operate or I might not have such ability. Whatever, I started using Windows 98 and then Windows XP and kept using Windows for one and half decade without any interval or 2nd thought.

You might be a happy user of Windows OS but I was never. Hundreds of times I faced blue-screen-of-death (aka BSoD) and countless times drivers malfunctioning. There were many other reasons, you can all those reasons, which have been told by users, to quit Windows forever. The crappy Windows Vista, the laggy Windows 7, the ugly Windows 8 and system- destroyer Windows 10; I have had enough.

The final nail in the coffin was the memory leakage problem in Windows 10 which is the worst problem I have ever faced using Windows OS. In my personal laptop Lenovo Edge E530, I have 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD and 3rd generation Intel Core i7-3630QM. With these specs my laptop should be working fine with Windows 10 but it was not the case. Two major problems existed: one was System process using almost 4GB RAM and other the frequent crash of Nvidia GeForce GT 630M. It was like every 5 minutes driver crash message along with Windows laggy operational speed because of that 4GB use of RAM by System process were enough to drive me crazy. There are more reasons to divorce Windows OS but let it have at some other time.


A few days ago, I thought to give a try to Linux instead of burning my blood, loosing my temper and swearing all the time. I knew most of people are using Ubuntu and Mint distros. One of my friend is Linux guru and he is also using Ubuntu. So, I went with the tide. I installed Ubuntu LTS.

For one or two days, Ubuntu worked like charm, quick, responsive, beautiful, low footprints or system resources, no lag and plus point I could have all the software I needed from Open-Source community. After two days, suddenly, I started getting some strange messages about Ubuntu not working. Being a new to Linux and totally unfamiliar command system, I was unable to resolve the matter. I did try searching online  and found the solutions but for a new-bee that work was more than enough. Thus, I went for easy solution.

I downloaded Linux Mint LTS, burnt the USB and installed it. So beautiful, even lighter and speedier than Ubuntu, best look and feel which Windows users can only think about. Let me tell you that Mint is also based upon Ubuntu. I was better now with Linux Mint. Used browsers for many hours watching some YouTube videos. If there is a day, there will be a night. My peace of mind was not for long time. I opened KDEnLive to edit some videos and for my surprise the main menu headings had nothing but text “No Item”. The whole menu was there but headers. I uninstalled KDEnLive and reinstall it but problem was there. I checked other installations and found some of software have same problem.

What should I do now? This is my 2nd Linux OS. Should I revert back to Windows or should I keep Linux Mint and try to google the problem. I did decide to stay but not to google for the problem. The reason I told you earlier not to be able to know the command structure and I didn’t want to destroy other things while fixing the problem. Now a chain of installation started but only two OSs: Ubuntu and Mint. For few days, the circle continued and problems kept showing-up. Finally I decided to try other Linux distros.

Four days ago, I googled and found a few more interesting Linux distros. I thought to try a few of them. I knew there is at least one which is for me and can run without any troubles on my laptop. I installed Elementary OS. It got MacOS look and very pretty interface which, at first, made me think to avoid it and go for others but I just downloaded it without any reason other than give it a try, made bootable USB using UNetbootin, installed it and wow. It is pretty like any other pretty thing in the world.

Installing Elementary OS was the better idea for my eyes as well as for my computer. Installation process was smooth, very quick and as easy as 2+2. In fact, Ubuntu, Mint and Elementary OS has same installation process because Mint and Elementary have Ubuntu as their base. I am able to find all the software I needed from open-source community. In fact, there is software center also maintained by every Linux distro provider. There was only problem of Microsoft Office. So, I used Wine and solved the problem. Now I am one more happy Linux user. I have no more headaches given by Windows. I have decided not to go back to age of darkness.

If you want to use Linux but scared, believe me there is nothing to be scared of. You will find alternatives for all your Windows software from free community. It is also possible you can use Wine to run your Windows version of software just like I did for Microsoft Office. If you have any question before transferring to new world, google it. It will only take maximum 2 days and you will forget Windows forever. Don’t think this long, just jump into the vagon. Linux is free. Moreover, you will always have the option to go back to darkness if you cannot use Linux.

I want to write more but getting tired, so leaving it here. Do you have anything to say, say it louder.


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