Free Kaspersky Internet Security for Android One Year License


It is a long time since I have shared any longlife Kaspersky security software license. Last time it was almost exactly 3 years ago when I wrote about Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 For 3 Months For Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Phones. This time it is only for Android and for full one year. I assume you already know about Kaspersky Internet Security for Android, so I will move straight how you can get one year free Kaspersky Internet Security for Android. BTW, It is working right now.

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As free Kaspersky Internet Security for Android giveaway is from Vietnam, you must be bit careful when applying for license. Otherwise, if you know Vietnamese you just go ahead and get it.

Open the following web address into your browser.

If you do not have Kaspersky account already, you follow from here. Now on top right corner click on the arrowed grey button.


You will be asked to login using your Google account (gmail, Google+, Google) or Facebook account. It is your choice.Kaspersky-Internet-Security-for-Android-promo-vietnam-02-computelogy

After successful login, you will be asked to create a profile. Your name and email are prefilled. In gender list, first one is Man and 2nd is Woman, then your date of birth and finally the big green button to be pressed to proceed. [Update: There is no IP restriction yet. You see spinning wheel while you login using your Google or Facebook account. When you allow Kaspersky through those authentication, the wheel will go away and you will see the webpage where you need to enter your basic details.]


Now you are logged in. Check on top right corner, you registered name should be there. Click on your name and wait a few seconds.


You will be forwarded to your profile page where you can see your 6 digits customer number. Copy your customer number.


Now open the above link again in new browser / tab and paste your customer number in the box. Remember, no whitespace before, between or after the customer number should be. Now press green button.


You will be told to wait almost 24 hours to get your license. It does take 2 to 8 hours to receive free Kaspersky Internet Security for Android license.


The license email from Kaspersky Internet Security will look like this. You can find your license exactly where I have arrowed blue area.


Now download Kaspersky from Google Play, install it. If you are using Kindle device, click here Kaspersky Internet Security for Android.

After installation, go to settings and use your license to activate free Kaspersky Internet Security for Android one year license.



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Hi. I’m trying to get the Kaspersky item, but I get only a green, spinning loading icon. I’ve tried it on two computers; same thing. I’m in the US, and perhaps that’s the problem?

Imran K

There is no IP restriction yet. The wheel spin while you login using your Google or Facebook account. When you permit Kaspersky through those authentication, the wheel will go away and you will see the webpage where you need to enter your basic details.


I’ve been at allowing it to spin for 15 minutes now. I something’s not right. Well, thanks for the head-up.

Imran K

Mine only took a few seconds. You use some new email if you haven’t. It may work. Also clear whole browser history including cookies and temp files (only from browser). Close browser and try again.


I clicked on Google+ this time and it worked. Thanks again.

Imran K

My pleasure.


Oh, my country! Welcome to Vietnam!
Kaspersky sell with a cheap price in my country
Kaspersky Antivirus 1 year license for 1 PC has price: 150.000VND (~7USD)and ~12.61USD for KIS 1 year 1 PC

Imran K

I know. In fact, I have a few very good friends from Vietnam.
And that coffee Vienna Café, if I remember the name, is the best instant coffee I have ever taken.

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