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Get Free NameFusion Genuine License Key (Worth $299.99)


Summitsoft’s NameFusion is such a tool which might not be much of help for personal use but it might be a good tool for companies, businesses and enterprises, who are always looking for new, distinctive and unique name  for their new products.



I do not really get how come a software of such kind can be worth $299.99. Google can show many valuable free and open source alternatives. There are also websites which can generate words for you like Word List Generator, etc.

NameFusion is powerful name creation software that gives you the power to create company, website, and product names without paying for a limited number of concepts from an advertising or design firm.

No one knows your business or your product better than you do. With NameFusion’s name search and creation features, you can view thousands of potential company and product names in seconds, isolate the ones you want, and manipulate them further. You can then check to see whether the names you’re interested in are existing trademarks or registered website domain names — and if the domain names are available, you can register them for your own use.

You can download it from its page.


p style=”text-align: justify;”>You will be asked to register for the news-letter of Summitsoft. On completion of this registration, you will get NameFusion’s license key.


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