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Get Free Steganos TraceDestructor 12 Genuine License Key [Updated]


[Update] I forgot to write the promo link. Thanks friends for reminding me. I have written the link in Get Free section. Thanks for your patience [/Update]. Safety while surfing internet is the job of a firewall which keeps you safe from intruders and also keep your identity hidden to not to let you fall your info in wrong hands. But what if some one is spying on you sitting physically on your computer; that one could be … anyone. This anyone is more dangerous than the one coming from internet. No matter what, in either case, you need to be careful and Steganos TraceDestructor will take care of it.

Previously, we have written promos of Steganos Privacy Suite 12 and this promo is still valid. If you are interested in full privacy software, Steganos Privacy Suite 12 is better choice than TraceDestructor 12. In fact, Trace Destructor is a feature of Steganos Privacy Suite 12.

Steganos TraceDestructor 12 (v12.0.2 r9730) will delete the traces you leave behind on the PC – fully automatically if you want. Simply select the data you want destroyed: your browser history or its search queries, temporary files or downloaded advertising banners that are clogging up your hard disk. Sorted into clearly arranged categories, you’ll also find additional options for some data. With the help of the Cookie Control for example, you can delete specific cookies yet still keep those for your favorite websites. With tooltips, detailed explanations are provided for nearly all traces so that you can always make a well-informed decision as to what data should be deleted. And what data you want to keep. Once destroyed, you will also be presented with a detailed log of exactly what was deleted.

Surf the web without leaving a trace: Thorough deletion of all browser traces in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera. History data, cache, your selected cookies, form input and much more will all be destroyed forever. Destroy traces left by Windows and Office: Steganos TraceDestructor clears any lists of recently launched programs, opened or stored docs, caches, and temporary files. And with Steganos Shredder, data deletion is irrevocable! One-Click Destruction: Once you have determined which traces you want to destroy, One-Click Destruction comes into play. All obsolete and revealing traces are instantly deleted by clicking the symbol on your desktop. Nothing’s faster. Automatic privacy: Steganos TraceDestructor™ even works if you forget about it. When you close your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera), Steganos TraceDestructor™ will automatically kick into action if you want. Steganos Shredder: Personal data like your private documents, pictures or videos can get into the wrong hands if you send your computer off to a repair or sell it. You can prevent that from happening! Steganos TraceDestructor™ permanently deletes the traces you leave behind on your PC – totally automatically if desired. Traceless drives: Instead of just deleting traces, you can avoid leaving behind any tracks in the first place by using traceless drives. For example, just launch the preinstalled Firefox browser on a traceless drive before you surf the web.

Get Free: This is PCWelt promo. Open the following web address into your browser and just write you email address. Press button Abschicken. Or On the next page you will be told that email will reach you soon but no need to wait. You already have an email with license and download link of Steganos TraceDestructor 12. The word Seriennummer means Serial Number.

Download Steganos TraceDestructor from any of the link, install it and register it with the license you have received into your email. Read More: Download: http://file.steganos.com/software/downloader/std12int_pcwelt.exe http://file.steganos.com/software/std12int.exe]]>


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