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Get Free Ocster Backup Pro 7.1 For Limited Time [Latest]


I am waiting when Ocster will release its next Backup Pro 8 because it is long time, they have not upgraded it though there are some minor updates in version 7. This Backup Pro 7 is quite old and whe have shared it number of times (here, here and others). Even one old promo for Ocster Backup Pro 7 is still working. BTW, if you got Windows 8, Ocster Backup Pro 7 works fine.

What a home user needs is a simple and effective data backup software. A software which can easily and without complication can perform backups on scheduled time is always welcomed. Ocster Backup Pro 7, though it is called Pro, could be the best choice for home user because it is free at the moment. Ocster Backup Pro works like “Set and Forget”. Because I have already reviewed it previously, I will only take some of my comments here and then we will move to Get Free section.

Interface Ocster Backup Pro 7: It might be the most simplest but features rich data backup software available. On main interface, you will see four big buttons: Create New Backup Plans, Manage Backup Plans, Restore Backup, View Backup Reports. Clicking on any of the buttons will take to the respective properties. Create New Backup Plans: Here you have two backup options. Either you have the option to take backup of your whole computer means everything on the computer will added to backup or take backup of the data which you select to be backed up. Backup can be stored on local disks, USBs, Network disks and/or on Ocster’s secure storage. You can encrypt the backup with AES-256 encryption algorithm. Manage Backup Plans: If you have created any backup plan can be simply accessed from here. You can change, modify, delete your already existing backup plans. All reports are also available here. Restore Backup: You can restore backup from local disks, USBs, network disks and if you have Ocster Online secure backup, you can also store it from there. If your backup was password encrypted, you will need to provide it before actual backup will start. Backup Reports: All the backup reports can be accessed here.


 It is PCWELT.de XMAS Kalender promo and is available only for limited time. If it does not work, you can simply check my previous promo here which is still working.

Open the following page into your browser and click on box no. 4. The Ocster promo page will appear. Click on blue button Download. Your download will start immediately. Install it. Below is also given the direct download link means you do not need to go to PCWELT.de.


Direct download


After installation, you will be asked to activate your free license. Do it and submit it.

Within seconds, you will get confirmation email from Ocster. Click on the link to verify your request.

Now go back to activation window and click on I have clicked on the link in email.

That’s all. You free copy of Ocster Backup Pro 7.1 is activated.



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