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Game Driver 4 Parallel Lines Free For Limited Time


[UPDATE-1] Read at the end of article[/UPDATE-1]. Do you like racing and do you wanna do it again? Why not now? I am sure you have played Need For Speed. I have played it many years ago and I do not even remember which release was that. I was pretty good driver. And if you have played NFS, you can not forget Grand Theft Auto (GTA). I have played this, too. But, this time we do not have NFS or GTA. We can only get Driver 4: Parallel Lines which is 5 years old but good game. Believe me, I have not played it, yet. I am downloading it and hopefully will play it for one time, at least.

Driver: Parallel Lines takes place in an entirely open world environment. Instead of choosing mini-games from a menu as in previous Driver titles, mini-games are now accessed from the in-game world. Many changes have been made from the previous game, including visible blood when someone is shot, a money system, fully modifiable vehicles, environment destruction (i.e., lamp posts can now be run over and fire hydrants can break, spewing water into the air), and a new felony system that differentiates between personal felony and felony “attached” to vehicles the player has used. If the player attracts police attention on foot or in a certain vehicle and then loses the police and enters a “clean” car, their wanted level will be suspended. It can be reactivated, though, by spending… Read more on Wikipedia.

This time again CHIP and McGame are together to present you Driver 4: Parallel Lines. The process is exactly same which I showed you when we were registering for Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Double Agent. But if you do not remember, again I have created the pictorial.

Open the following webpage into your browser and just fill the form as shown in the following photo. Finally press greenbutton Registrieren. Remember, this Driver 4: Parallel Lines only available for new users. So, do not use previously registered email.


On the next page, you will be told that a confirmation email has been sent to the email. Check email from McGame.com. Click on the arrowed link as shown in the following photo. A new webpage will open.

Now you need to fill your details. You can fill any name, user name, date of birth, gender, etc. Finally press button Speichern.

Now you will see game Driver 4: Parallel Lines box at top. Click on it.

You will be redirected to download page where you can also see your license info of Driver 4: Parallel Lines. You may also get this info into your email.

You can download the whole game at once using it downloader or in parts. I will advise to download in parts. This way you get maximum speed multiple parallel downloads.  Datei 1 to Datei11 are download in parts which you can download simultenuously. If you decide to download through downloader, you need to press green button labeled Download Starten. First you will download the downloader. When you run downloader, select where you want to save it and finally press button Los Geht’s. Your download will start.

During or after installation, if you are asked for license key, use the one which you have gotten after registration. Enjoy it.

Original promo can be found here.


You can also find your registered games by clicking on Mein Konto at top right corner just beside Logout. Then click on the game poster which is registered to your name and you will see download links as well as license key.




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My friend got the promo key. However, she doesn’t want to waste time in downloading from McGame since she is not clear of the download[in parts]will be multilingual[incl. EN] or only German? Could u pls confirm?

Imran K

Sorry Xi, I cannot confirm it now. The article is very old and I do not have particular data anymore.


My friend finally downloaded and it is Multilingual setup. However, he couldn’t play as he was using Win8.1 and the game didn’t start even when run in compatibility mode. It says “Incompatible Program – Detected”. Please help.

Imran K

When it says Incompatible Program, it may also ask you to check online solution. Let your Windows do it. I do not have this game anymore. You use Windows compatibility mode or google it. There should be some patch to get it run on Windows 8.1.

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