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Get Free AIDA64 Extreme Edition v1.85.1600 Helps PC Problems Diagnose & Benchmarking


A home user who does not have much knowledge about computer hardware and software, does not go deep to know the specs when buy a computer. The only concern could be processor, RAM, hard disk, operating system, GPU, etc. One will not try to know the real power of the system bought. They do not know what brand the motherboard is, what is the maximum RAM support, how many simultaneous threads can run, maximum speed of CPU and many other informative info. AIDA64 Extreme Edition is a shareware which tells the real power of your computer.

Why AIDA64: AIDA64 Extreme Edition is designed for home user to know more about computer. The details are so excessive that sometime feels you are counting grains from a sack which has millions of grains. In simple words, it will tell you about BIOS, Motherboard, Chassis, Cache, RAM, System Slots, Temperature of different parts of PC, Voltage, Operating System, running Processes, System Drivers, Services, AX and DLL files, Display properties and characteristics in detail, Multimedia properties like Audio Video devices and codecs installed, Hard disk and its partitions, Hard disk capabilities, Network and its types available, different Devices like PCI devices, Physical devices, USB Devices, Software installed, Autorun software, PC security like Antivirus, Firewall, AntiSpyware, AntiTrojan, different types of configuration settings, etc.

AIDA64 benchmark is one of its own kind. It gets information from its servers, compare it with local system information and gives complete detail so that user can know where his computer is standing now. In benchmark, it checks memory read, write and copy, CPU related different benchmarks and much more.

Get Free: This is PC Pro offer. Open the following webpage into your browser and fill a short form with your name, and valid email address. There is no country restriction. Use promo code CSANAJKYK4. After sending license request, you will be asked to verify your request by filling a CAPTCHA. After submitting your verified request, a successful registration message will be shown in third page.

Now check your email where you will see an email from Abseira.com. This email has the working license of AIDA64 Extreme Edition. Download AIDA64 Extreme Edition from official site. After installation, register it with the license you have already received in your email.

EXE File: http://www.aida64.com/downloads/aida64extreme185exe

ZIP File: http://www.aida64.com/downloads/aida64extreme185zip

Note: There might not be any updates or upgrade available.



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