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AppCleaner 1.10.4552.20023


Author: exono GmbH
Size: 994 KB
License: Freeware
Requires: Win7/Vista

AppCleaner is UpdateStar’s lean and powerful freeware to find and delete obsolete data and files on your computer. It protects your privacy and optimizes computer performance and security. It is small and easy to download, plus it is free of adware. And it’s freeware! It removes files on your computer including temporary files, history, cookies, internet logs and many more. Try it and you will see how easy it is to keep your computer in shape. AppCleaner frees disk space and optimizes your computer’s performance. It additionally cleans up the Registry and removes unused and old entries. Features:
Cleans Internet Browsers:
AppCleaner cleans your computer for an optimized system and better privacy. It finds obsolete data and files and removes them from your system. This frees up disk space and optimizes overall performance. AppCleaner helps with privacy issues and cleans up Internet browser related obsolete data such as browsing histories, cookies etc. It contains no spyware, adware and installs no toolbar or other crapware you do not want on your computer. It is clean and it cleans your computer!
Cleans Windows and the Registry:
AppCleaner removes Windows related obsolete data and files and also includes an advanced registry cleaner, which removes many kinds of unused and old entries from the Registry.
Cleans Third-Party Software:
And it gets better every day, as we add more third-party cleaning definitions on a regular basis.
Manage software :
Uninstall and software startup management
Cleans hard disk free space:
Wipe free space with different deletion method to choose from]]>


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