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SIMPO PDF to Text Converter Free On Facebook For Mac Users


Angela from Simpo Technologies has just sent me a message that they are giving away PDF to Text Converter free of cost on Facebook but you need to have Mac system, too, to use PDF to Text Converter. As I do not have Mac system, I am unable to give any comment. But I hope, it will be a good software. It will be much appreciated if they offer PDF to Word Converter because of lack of a few features.

One feature of PDF to Text Converter looks great, as they have mentioned it on their website, that Simpo PDF to Text Converter can convert password protected files to text format. This means no PDF file, even encrypted, is safe on Mac? If so, Mac users are warned and congs to Simpo for such feature. Update: Robert Gray has just informed me that password is still required though you converts password encrypted PDF file to text.

It will be much appreciated if they have offered Simpo PDF to Text Converter on their website and ask downloaders to like it on Facebook. This way it would be quite fair because not everybody has Facebook account or they do not wanna spend much time Facebook.

Easy-to-use interface
Simpo PDF to Text converter for Mac is a small and simple PDF conversion tool, it’s really easy to use, just import PDF files and click the “Convert” button to start!
Batch conversion from PDF to Text on Mac
Mac users can use Simpo PDF to Text converter for Mac to convert a batch of PDF files to Text to save time when there is need.
Extract specific pages from PDF to Text
You can convert specific PDF pages from PDF to Text with this PDF to Text converter for Mac. For example, if you only want to convert page 3-5 from a big PDF file, you can enter 3-5 in the page selection field before converting PDF to Text on Mac.
High accuracy
Even it only extracts plain text from PDF to Text, Simpo PDF to Text converter for Mac will preserve the formatting well from original PDF files.
Support encrypted PDF
Sometimes you forget the PDF password, don’t worry, this PDF to Text converter for Mac also supports to convert encrypted PDF files to Text format

Well, SIMPO PDF to Text Converter does not extracts tables, images, graphics from your PDF file. Keep in mind, it will also not convert the PDF file to word format but only to text.

Read more about SIMPO PDF to Text Converter here


Just go to following Facebook web page and like Simpo.


After liking, the page will be refreshed and you will see an eMail text box. Enter your eMail and request for license. You can also download SIMPO PDF to Text Converter from Facebook.



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