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Paragon System Backup Giveaway on Facebook Till April 22, 2011 9:00am (EST)


In my last article I wrote about Paragon System Backup Giveaway on Facebook. I am sure many of you have Get it Free till now. But if you have forgotten for some reason, consider this article as reminder because the ending time of System Backup Giveaway promo is April 22, 2011 9:00am (EST). Make sure that you get it before the ending time.

Simply open the following Facebook address into your browser, login and like Paragon Software. Then you will see a small form. Fill it and that all. You will get your license into your eMail.


Download 32bit (x86) installer of Paragon System Backup


Download 64bit (x64) installer of Paragon System Backup


Key Features and Benefits of System Backup:

Features Benefits
  Software and Hardware Support 
Windows 7 support

Accomplish any operation under Windows 7.

update Improved support of 64-bit platforms

There’s no more need for bootable media when modifying system partitions, even with Windows 64-bit operating systems. The program automatically reboots in the Windows native mode to complete operations without any additional commands.

New New Linux kernel

The latest Linux kernel provides support of wider range of hardware.

  Automatization Features
update Automated Backup Strategy Choose between the built-in backup strategy or create your own and the program will keep automatically backing up the system and data on a regular basis. This “Set & Forget” approach provides a new level of flexibility and minimizes user involvement by focusing only on the most relevant options.
New Advanced Backup Strategy The program has advanced features for configuring backup strategy: 

  • Scheduling: fuzzy or precise
  • Snapshot type: auto selected, full or differential
  • Retention policy: number of archives to keep
  • Volumes to backup: all or user selected
  • Exclude masks: exclude unnecessary data from backup image


update Precise Scheduling Automate the exact time to run backups and lighten your workload.
  Backup Features
New Space Saving Options You can decide storage space saving options for defining whether to create differential snapshots automatically according to the program’s sophisticated algorithm, or to create full snapshots after a defined number of differential snapshots, or to not create differential snapshots at all.
New Backup Object Selection Define what volumes to protect using backup strategy (every object, or user-defined) to secure really important data.
NewAdjust Backup Process Priority Backup process priority can be raised or lowered automatically by the program giving you more or less hardware resources available for other running programs and tasks. Available only for automated backups.
update Exclude files and folders Exclude files or folders from a backup image according to defined masks. Reduce the size of backup images and minimize backup time by excluding unnecessary files such as music, movies, etc.
Smart backup engine The Smart backup engine distributes resources to other applications when backing up in the automatic mode so that simultaneously running applications don’t take a performance hit.
Backup on-the-fly System Backup saves your PC on-the-fly without interrupting your current activity. You don’t need to close any of your applications or restart the computer during the process.
  Restore Features
Easy restore to a previous state System Backup restores a snapshot of your PC to the point where it last ran smoothly.
Fast recovery after system failure Start the recovery process simply by clicking F6 key.
Selective restore Easily extract files and folders from a snapshot without needing to restore the whole PC.
New WinPE 3.0 Recovery CD The latest version of Windows Pre-installation Environment provides a wider range of hardware configurations.
  User Interface Features
Intuitive user interface Simple and convenient with contextual help for all user controls.
Advanced notification system Color indicators in the system tray inform you about the level of danger your system is in and prompt you with ways to repair it.


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Very useful…………


Hi!Thanks for the reminder.As I was browsing chip.de wbsite I have found this and I thought I’ll share it with you guy:Free Daemon tools pro!
This is a special installer and it will be preloaded with a serial number.


Dear Perti,
Maybe you have already…….


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