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LaughingBird Logo Creator v5.3 for Facebook Fans


You are not a Photoshop guru or you even do not know how you can use some other useful graphic designing tool just like me. But, for some reason, you want a nice, cool, unique and attractive logo for your organization, business or you wanna design it for your school department, you may have chance to use LaughingBird Logo Creator which will provide you ease of use and with many different types and styles of ready made logos which you can alter according to your professional needs.

In this release you will get two sets of logo which contains almost 50 logos. As you can alter these logos as you want, so I think, by combining them, you can create over 2500 logos. You did not like ready made or altered logo, no problem, upload your own template and start work on it. It makes your way to ease. You just need to install it.

More info can be found here http://www.thelogocreator.com/

1.      Create logos
2.      Sell the logos you create!
3.      Create buttons
4.      Design attractive web graphics
5.      Create titles
6.      Create Ads
7.      Create banners
8.      Create eCovers
9.      Create logos for your forum header
10.     Touch up photographs for web use
11.     Scale images
12.     Create web site header and graphic mockups
13.     Improve your digital workflow
14.     Create images for your blogs
15.     Add creative text over your photos
16.     Rotate and resize your own photos
17.     Create a logo for ANY business
18.     Add mirrored text to graphics
19.     Make images for software products
20.     Colorize your photos
21.     Colorize imported graphics
22.     Create transparent PNG images
23.     Create transparent gifs
24.     Export logos in PDF format
25.     Modify professional templates
26.     Create a logo from scratch
27.     Promote your business
28.     Works seamlessly with The Web Graphics Creator
29.     Use The Logo Creator in place of Photoshop
30.     Use The Logo Creator WITH Photoshop
31.     Create mirrored text
32.     Use with The Blog Theme Creator
33.     Import your own artwork
34.     Free access to The Logo Design Forum
35.     Works seamlessly with The Animated Logo Creator
36.     Start a new online business
37.     Brand your business
38.     Compete with the bigger companies
39.     Engage your visitors with high quality images on your website
40.     Output your logo in 6 formats
41.     Update or change your logo whenever you want!
42.     No messing with additional ‘redesign’ fees
43.     Use the 200 + built in objects
44.     Design your logo at home, day or night!
45.     Works seamlessly with The Business Card Creator
46.     Add your own images
47.     Update your current logo
48.     Turn one logo into dozens (and sell them)!
49.     Make a Podcast cover
50.     Save money!
51.     Save time
52.     Create navigation bar buttons
53.     Create unique text effects
54.     Create title screens for your YouTube movies
55.     Put your logo onto Coffee mugs!
56.     Put your logo onto tShirts!
57.     Create an eCard
58.     Import images and textures into your text
59.     Create a badge or Emblem
60.     Remove white backing from Jpg images
61.     Create ads for eBay
62.     It’s easy to use (an 8 year old can master it)
63.     Its an affordable price for any budget
64.     Lightning fast turnaround
65.     Design a creative ‘blog’ footer
66.     Use the built in slogan generator for business ideas
67.     Set yourself apart from your competition
68.     Use your own fonts
69.     Study other designs, then re-create them with The Logo Creator
70.     Use the built in “shapes font”
71.     Practice makes perfect! The more you use it, the better you’ll become
72.     Create your own logo templates for others
73.     “Save the date” wedding reminders
74.     Market your logos to a specific niche
75.     Comes with a ton of design elements
76.     Use it with no “artistic talent”
77.     Use it with your creative skills!
78.     Splice photographs!
79.     Flip objects and text!
80.     Adjust transparency of text and objects
81.     Duplicate and reverse text and objects (for mirrored effect)
82.     Add gradients to text and shapes.
83.     Create circular or arched text (for emblems and badges)
84.     Test color schemes for web page layouts
85.     User community of over 18,000 members
86.     Advertise your business on all of the social networks
87.     In a hurry…Create a logo in 3 minutes
88.     Get 480 logos for less than a designer will charge for just one!
89.     Works on a Mac!
90.     Works with all versions of Windows (from ’98 up to Windows 7)
91.     Create web banners
92.     Create an unlimited number of logos!
93.     Create a professional header design for your website
94.     Print your logo onto clear ‘stickers’ – Stick them anywhere!
95.     Make a ‘glass orb’
96.     Create for sale signs
97.     Make a ‘web 2.0’ badge
98.     Create a unique photo collage
99.     Create graphics for school binders
100.   Use The Logo Creator to create an Avatar
101.   Create an eMail signature

Simply go to Facebook and become a fan of LaughingBird.


Now click on Fan Specials.

The page will be refreshed and you will see download link for Windows and Mac version. Download according to your operating system.


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