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Giveaway: Everybody Gets Easy Watermark Studio Pro v2 – Use it Personally and Professionally [14 days promo]


UpDate: 20-Feb-2011: This promo will last till 28-Feb-2011. Read more here.

UpDate 06-Feb-2011 1310GMT: The Problem is solved. You can get the license. Please, Refero Group has requested you review about the quality of Easy Watermark Studio Pro v2. You can send it at office [at] refe [dot] ro.

There are few non-English blogs/forums who are playing foul game. They have posted the promo link but are not providing the link to this article. Please, come out of childish mentality. Show elderly attitude and sportsmanship.

UpDate 06-Feb-2011 1240GMT:  There are some problems in server. They know it and trying to solve the problem. I will update you as soon as the problem is resolved.

Yes, You are reading as it is written. Refero Group and ComputeLogy are offering Easy Watermark Studio Pro v2 to everybody who will visit this article and go to promo page through it. Remember, Easy Watermark Studio Pro v2 will not be shown if you go directly to that page.

I am using Easy Watermarking Studio Lite v2 freeware since few days and I am impressed with its results. Recently, I have written an article about Easy Watermarking Studio Lite v2 where I tried to explain a few distinguished features. Here I will write about the few other distinguished features which are available only in Easy Watermark Studio Pro v2. And Easy Watermark Studio Pro v2 is going to be offered to all readers of this article.

Easy Watermark Studio is flagship software of Refero Group. When I published the article about Easy Watermark Studio Lite v2, it did not go unnoticed and they liked the article. And as a Thanksgiving Regard, Refero Group offered Unlimited Licenses of Easy Watermark Studio Pro v2 for Professional as well as Personal Use to all readers of this article. All this credit goes to Endre Benedekfi (Refero Group reps.) who did efforts for this Giveaway: Easy Watermark Studio Pro v2 for Everybody – Use it Persoanlly and Professionally. Thanks to Endre Benedekfi and Refero Group for this great Giveaway.

First I will quote a few sentences regarding feautres from my old article related to Easy Watermark Studio Lite v2 because these features are also present in Pro v2.

Its layout is very simple and very easy to access because Easy Watermark Studio is using a traditional type of interface. The interface is divided into four parts: Main meny, Left pane, Center pane, Right pane. The Main menu is not a menu but infact they replaced main menu with tabbed menu. This means, at the top you will see tabs. Each tab has a name and set of features which are only accessible when you open that tab. Left pane of each tab window contains set of features. Right pane will show the images which you have watermarked or going to watermark. The Center pane is the main pane in which you will see the current state of your photo. Whatever you have done with the photo is clearly seen in Center pane.

You have full control what you want as output: 100% can be reduced to 1%. I have tested it at 90% and 100% output and there was a minor difference between both outputs.

It can let you create Text as well as Image watermarks. A few other handy features are like you can set border of text watermark, shadow, glow, position of watermark at all angles, multiple watermarks, etc. The great feature is batch watermarking which is normally available in only pro versions.

Now lets talk about features which are only available in Easy Watermark Studio Pro v2. Well, I will not go in details. You do need to to explore it by yourself. I will highly appreciate if you share your experience after using Easy Watermark Studio Pro v2.

In Easy Watermark Studio Pro v2, you have 54 pattern types for watermarking text background. You have full access to make the background corner round as well as you can also set the opacity of the background. This feature is very useful when your watermarking text is very small compared to picture and you wanna highlight it (highlight does not mean some sort of highlight color effect. It will be appreciated if this feature will be present in next release. I did not see this feature even in other watermarking software).

Would you like curved text watermark like zigzag? In Easy Watermark Studio Pro v2, you get this feature. It was not offered in Lite v2. This is a very cool feature and I liked it. You have full control to make your watermarking text as zigzag. The amplitude and frequency settings are from 5px to 200px. You can set these values separately as well as together. You want your text should appear as noisy, you have six different noise effects. Add reflection to your watermarking text. Hon, cool feature. You can flip your watermarking text horizontally and vertically with and without reflection. I know, you guys are gonna like it a lot.

Image watermarking tab also has very cool features. Of course, image size, position, opacity, border is available in Easy Watermark Studio Lite v2 but there are a few cool features available in Pro v2.

There are 7 types of image watermark color effects. You cam make the watermark image blur, sharpen, emboss, etc. You can create noise here, too, on watermark image. The size of noise is from 1 to 10. Flipping vertical or horizontal and adding reflection are cool features.

There are 29 types of readable image formats like JPG, BMP, RLE, DIB, TIFF, GIF, PNG, WMF, EMF, PSD, PDD, PSP, PCX, PCC, PCD, TGA, VST, ICB, VDA, WIN, CEL, PIC, SCR, PPM, PGM, PBM, CUT, RLA, RPF. And 5 types of writable image formats like JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF.

There are some extra cool features which effects the image which you want to be watermarked. You can create rounded corner as well as the border of the image. The cool thing is you can set the opacity as well as strength of image border. Do you need one more cool feature? Yes, you can create reflection of the image which you want to be watermarked. This feature is also cool in a case if you do not want to have any type of watermark but wants reflected image.

You think, you need a resized image output; You can resized outup without any effect on quality. You can also get Grayscaled as well as Sepia effects on your image. And of course, if you want to preserve EXIF info, you can.

Let me make it clear that every feature has a check box. If the check box is checked means feature is working. If you unchecked the check box of particular feature, the feature is not effecting the watermark.

This was a short but detailed overview of Easy Watermark Factory v2. I could write more about it bug the article is already very lengthy and it will make it quite yokel. Before proceeding to GET FREE section, I would like to tell what I have missed in it.

Though creating watermarking text background is a cool feature but I would like to see a highlighter for watermarking text as well as for image.

Do you want read complete feature description of Easy Watermark Studio Pro v2, open the following web page into your browser and read:


Below is an image created with unregistered copy of Easy Watermark Studio Pro v2.

GET FREE Easy Watermark Studio Pro v2:

Let me tell you that all the info which you will provide will be treated by Refero Group and you will not be spammed. You eMails may be used to promote their own products.

I am writing it again that the link below will not work if you do not go to that web page through ComputeLogy’s article.

Open the following web page into your browser and fill the required infos. You will get your license into your eMail address as well as on the same page. This promo is available worlwide for two weeks ending on February 19, 2011.

Please, fee free to share it at your favorite site. You can share it on SlickDeals, Fatwallet, or at any site, forum, blog, circular, board where ever you like.

The license has following extensions and limitations according to Refero Group:

  1. The key is only for current release and future release too, but you can activate your software just a single time. If you reinstall the windows you can’t reactivate the software with same serial. But if you install the new version, the serial will work and you do not need to reactivate.
  2. User can buy the software with 40% discount in any future purcahse.
  3. How many times a license owner can validate his/her license?  Just one time
    4.This license is a Single PC License. You can use this free license for Commercial Use also.

If you have any question or need any help regarding Easy Watermark Studio Pro, you can get help here:


[I have tried to do software testing and also tried to finish this article in one sitting. I may need to update it].

Enjoy it.


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Benedekfi Endre

Now working 🙂
Sorry for this error.


Benedekfi Endre

We wait some software review from Computelogy users to our mail address ( office [at] refe [dot] ro )



Not working for me.

Kypros Basileiou

I tried it but after i press get the license nothing shows up..!! 🙁


Thanks Perti and thank you Endre Benedekfi (Refero Group), after checking I have about 10+ watermarking programs on my PC, some paid for/some free, I’ve tried many and it’s pretty hard finding a decent watermarker wich has a good flow, especially when working with many pictures. I’m still waiting for the license hence there seems… Read more »


Congratulations Perti and Refero Group for this Giveaway .
It does not work , at least for me . There is no page with license and I did not received any e-mail .
Best regards !


promo page does not work !


I was going to post it, but I have exactly the same problem encountered and already posted by Murphy above.


Dr Anurag Jain

got the licence

Mike M

received my license Thank You

It is posted on a blog I belong to and credit is given to you: http://www.avinashtech.net/freebies-promotions-giveaways/1530.htm#post8234

Dr Anurag Jain

Dear Perti

how to get the installer file


Hi Perti,

Nice Promo, when I went to promo page it is saying “Please go to the http://www.computelogy.com to access this page”‘


Thanks Perti :). It is working now. It’s a great giveaway. Congratulations 🙂 my friend.




Received my license perti. Thank you and many thanks to Refero Group for this generous giveaway. 🙂


The promo page does not work .
I tried it tree times. There is no page with license.


Good giveaway Perti
THanks for hold it.


The code were sent to me now, Thanks

Sorry to see copycats especially other bloggers taking credit for your work,
Nonetheless we all know were it came from and others would have to visit here to access 😉

Take care..


Hi, Perti

‘…can see that, except 2 or 3 NON-ENGLISH site owners, everybody has credited me…’

Did you mean my blog is on the list?
I could saw my visitor click the link to your page (link to this promo page, and Computelogy is on my main page too!).
Or maybe I miss something..


I filled the foem on 2 April 2011.

kesin destek



I received my license … Many thanks to everyone for this action.


Thanks for this promo. I could find some quality promo in this site. Keep it up…


Thank you, Perti


thanks murphy got the key after two trials.

good software thanks again for all these unobstrusive giveaways .


Thanks Perti


nice lkittle promo!!! Thank a you!

vaibhav srivastava

Hi Perti,

Thanks for the info regarding the software.. nice one really
Got the key….

Vaibhav Srivastava


I received the serial key immediately, but the online registration is not working:
“Connecting to server, please wait…”

Benedekfi Endre


Check your internet connection, or disable your Personal firewall.

Thank you!



Registering problem is now solved. I ordered a new serial key, and with this new one it registered within seconds.
Thank you for your advice and keep up the good work!


we thank you for its him to get license.


Thanks for this promo. I could find some quality promo in this site. Keep it up…
Good Bless You..:)

maman sunjaya

get license key


thanks for this promo…


Nice one. Thank you


I filled the form but did not receive the license key.


The license was not shown just after submiting the form, it showed a window saying that the key was sent to my email.




Amazing! This blog looks just like my old one!
It’s on a entirely different subject but it has pretty much the same layout and design. Excellent choice of

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