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Free Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2011 For One Year


I always try to write about different types of software but it looks like the most discussed (or say shared) software type is security software. Every now and then there is always a running campaign for some security software. Some promos offers 3 months license validity and some are for 6 months. If one company become more generous, you will get one year valid license just like Trend Micro (PC-Cillin) did last year and offered its new Titanium Internet Security 2011 one year valid license.

Titanium Internet Security 2011 is not the latest version because Trend Micro has released Titanium Internet Security 2012. Though, Titanium Internet Security 2011 is old version but it works on all Windows from XP to 7. It is a cloud based PC security which is more responsive to Zero-hour threats. This means it takes less time to compete the threat comparing the traditional AntiVirus. Again advising you to not to use it alone. Always use one extra AntiMalware for better protection. You can Get Free Emsisoft AntiMalware 5 Full Genuine License For Six Months.

I wrote in my previous articleI have a few word about its interface. Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2011 has very simple and easily usable interface. Not too many options for a user to make it complicated. It looks like it is totally designed for a novice. It really follows the words: Install it and forget it. There is not much in settings for a user to make it simple. If you look at Avira Free AV and Avast Free AV, you will find that these two AntiViruses are more complicated then Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2011. Personally, I liked its simplicity and Usability.“.

Trend Micro Titanium is powered by the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ infrastructure, our cloud security infrastructure that stops threats in cyberspace or “the cloud.” Smart Protection Network monitors the Internet 24/7, worldwide. It gathers and analyzes threat data, blocking viruses and other malware BEFORE they can reach your PC. And because processing is done in the cloud, Titanium uses less of your PC’s memory and disk space, so it won’t slow you down. More here: http://us.trendmicro.com/us/trendwatch/core-technologies/smart-protection-network/index.html and http://us.trendmicro.com/us/products/personal/internet-security/

This is a one year valid trial version of Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2011. You do not need any license or key to register it. Just install it and it will show you one year trial version with expiration after one year.

Open the following web page into your browser and head to the text as shown in image. Click on it and Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2011 will start downloading. It is single installer for both x86 and x64 (amd64) Windows architectures. Though the site offering it is in Russian language but the installer is in English ;-).


During installation of Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2011, install it as trial version. As said, you do not need any license.


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Thanks for sharing.


Worst AV ever made,very slow load and scan on modern PC.After auto update this version don’t work,also leave lots of traces -2296 and folders – 4366! after uninstall. Free MSE is much better!


Nice post.thanks looking forward for more post from u…

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