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Free Trend Micro Internet Security 2010 v17.5 One Year Key


Trend Micro is offering Internet Security 2010 with cooperation of iomega and not offering 2012 as you may have seen on many tech blogs who wrote that 2012 was being offered. (The proof of TMIS 2010 is at the end of article). This cooperative offer news broke many hours ago but I did not write immediately just to score the first position. I wanted to confirm that is it really TMIS 2012 or is it TMIS 2010. And this is Trend Micro Internet Security 2010. Whoever wrote 2012 is misinformed. Trend Micro‘s new security apps contains Titanium word. One more thing is that is offer is for Iomega users but as accessible through Google, anybody can be benefited.

I have installed it on Windows XP x86 but it also works on Windows 7. The package has both installers: x86 and x64. I will not waste your time. First go ahead and grab your license. Then comeback, and read the remaining article as you many need it during installation.

Copy and paste the following webaddress into your browser and replace ending XXXXXX with random five or six digits before opening the webpage. You should see a form like shown in the following photo. If you do not see this form, keep changing your digits. I hope within 4 to 6 tries you will see the form. Fill it and submit it. Any name and some random date of purchase will work. Email should be real to get your license. The license will be delivered to you within seconds with download link.

Now I suppose you have received your license with download link. The email will look like this:

When you will try to install, you may get message “Unable to extract installation program. Please try downloading the installation program again“. You do not need to re-download the file.

I suppose you have WinZip or WinRAR in your computer. Now right click on the installer and extract the files. When you will have extracted, you will see two folders: Setup and Tools. Open the Setup folder, and Run Setup.exe to install Trend Micro Internet Security 2010 v17.5. Register and activate it with the license you received into your email.

Now here is the proof that it is Trend Micro Internet Security 2010. They think, this is a race and should be first to write about it. They just remember to be first in writing but their readers. Being blogger, it is our duty to provide most reliable info. According to my knowledge, what I am showing below is true.

Open TMIS 2010 and click on Help & Support in main window. A new window will open and where you can see Product Information like version, engine, pattern, license type, etc. If you click on Product Information, a new window will open with same info but also telling about copyright 1995-2009. Why it is not 1995-2011 because this is TMIS 2010.

If you open the following webpage into your browser, you will also see that info shown here and in Trend Micro Internet Security 2010 window is same.



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Subhayan Gupta

Ha!!! I tried much numbers, but it doesn’t work. It says an unexpected error has been occurred. Can anyone help me???


I think this promo is over now.

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