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Free Steganos Safe 12 Genuine Key For Everyone [Latest – 24 hours]


Steganos Safe is an easy way to convert your computer into a virtual safe. In this virtual safe, you can store you all types of data like documents, videos, audios, photos, anything you want but should be in digital form inside your computer. Steganos Safe uses the latest encryption technology Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is also being used by US Govt. officially and it has been adopted worldwide as standard. This means, using Steganos Safe will give you same data encryption security which is being used by US Govt.

If you are visiting us, you may remember that last year we also shared a promo of Steganos Safe 11. That promo is still valid but now the new Steganos Safe 12 is available, we will ditch the last year promo. This new promo of Steganos Safe 12 is time limited. Hurry up before it’s too late. Like last year, again this year PCWelt.de is offering it.

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Other than 256bit AES encryption, Steganos Safe 12 has some other great features. You can create one data vault of 1 Terabyte. Now calculate how many .avi movies (700MB each) or MP3 audios can be put in the vault. Steganos Safe 12 has pic-pass feature. This is helpful because you do not need to remember long difficult and tricky passwords for your vaults. Pic-Pass enables you to set a sequence of photos as password and you only need to recognize them when need to open a vault. And it got a virtual keyboard functioning like an AntiKeylogger.

Highly secure encryption
The algorithm used for encryption, AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), protects your sensitive data with 256-bit encoding. Thanks to multicore support, it can do this in real time and it’s uncrackable!
Vaults up to 1 Terabyte big
Encrypted virtual safes protect documents, photos and videos on PCs and laptops. Each data vault – any number of which can be set up – holds up to 1,000 GB = 1 terabyte! The size of safes can also be modified at a later stage by using the practical slide control.
Portable safe: the vault to take with you
The data vault you can take with you – on a USB stick, CD, DVD or BluRay disc. Practical: you don’t need any extra software to open a Steganos Portable Safe™ on another computer.
Invisible. The hidden safe.
Steganos Safe not only encrypts your data, but also inconspicuously hides it in a picture, piece of music or a video. So you can even file away highly sensitive data.
Steganos Shredder™
Personal data like your private documents, pictures or videos can get into the wrong hands if you send your computer off to a repair or sell it. You can prevent that from happening! Steganos Shredder™ permanently deletes the traces you leave behind on your PC – totally automatically if desired.
Quick and easy
If desired, you can open and close your safe with practical keyboard shortcuts. Shortcuts to opened safes are created on the desktop. Data can then be easily copied to the safe with a simple drag & drop. Or automatically launch the safe upon logging into your computer. Applications can also be automatically launched after you’ve opened the drive.
Steganos PicPass  
Opens the safe with a sequence of images instead of a password
Keyloggers don’t stand a chance thanks to virtual keyboards
Steganos password generator
Create highly secure passwords tailored to your requirements with a click of the mouse
Security check for passwords  
Multilingual dictionary recognizes insecure passwords and will warn you
Mailbox safe
No one can access your e-mails without the right password. For Outlook (including, contacts, calendar and tasks), Outlook Express and Windows Mail

Just head to the following webpage and fill a very short form. It needs only your eMail address and nothing else. Ok, fill the form and submit it. On the next page you will be told that an eMail has been sent to you containing your license and download link.

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Check your eMail. You will have an eMail from Steganos GmbH. It will have your license and download link of Steganos  Safe 12. Download the safe from the link given in the eMail, install it and register it with the license you got into your eMail.

Click on the image to enlarge it.

Direct download link of Steganos Safe 12

Read More about Steganos Safe 12

Real promo of Steganos Safe 12 can be found here in German language:


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I like S.S12 for simplicity and effectiveness.Very thanks&Regards Perti!

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