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Get Free Emsisoft Mamutu Genuine License For One Year (v- , Save 5-Pack €60)


I like Emsisoft AntiMalware as companion to my other PC Security software like BitDefender, Avast, Kaspersky, etc. And it is really an essential security companion of your other PC Malware Security programs. At the moment, instead of AntiMalware, I have a still valid but expired promo of Emsisoft Mamutu. I should have posted it 4 days ago but I could not.

Mamutu is a stripped down version of Emsisoft AntiMalware but still it is quite enough to replace Emsisoft AntiMalware in your PC if you can not have Emsisoft AntiMalware. Before comparing them, I should tell you how you can get one year free of Emsisoft Mamutu v3.x. After pictorial, you can find a product comparison.

Emsisoft Mamutu runs on Windows XP, Vista (incl. x64) and 7 (incl. x64). Emsisoft Mamutu is full x64 compatible since version 3.0.

Download Mamutu from official site. Install it. (I suppose, you have already done it). After installation, follow the steps as shown below:

Login to Mamutu. If you do not have login, create it as shown in the following two photos.

Now you need to convert coupon code. Click on text Convert Coupon Code.

A small window will open. Just copy n paste the coupon code mek-nen-kac-254 and press button OK.

Complete all remaining procedures like updates, PC scan, etc. You can check the validity of license on main Mamutu window.

They say, this coupon code for Mamutu has only one month shelf life. So Activate it before June, 2011.


Compare products

Emergency Kit
Scanner, Quarantine:
Scan drives and folders
Signature scan for Trojans/Backdoors/Keyloggers/Rootkits
Signature scan for Viruses/Worms
Signature scan for Dialers
Signature scan for Spyware/Adware/Hijacker
Signature scan for Tracking Cookies
Signature scan for Riskware
Registry scan for Spyware Traces
Memory scan of all active processes
Heuristic scan for unknown Malware
Scan in archive files (ZIP, RAR, CAB, etc.)
Scan Alternate Data Streams (ADS) for Malware
Quarantine detected Malware
Quarantine other files
Remove detected Malware
Advanced removal of LSPs and autoruns
Save scan report
Read Malware description even while scan is running
Whitelist specific malware names
Exclude specific folders from scan permanently
Save scanner settings in scanset files
Right click file/folder scan (Explorer context menu)
Scheduled scans (daily, weekly, monthly, custom interval)
Silent scan (without visible window)
Commandline Scanner (DOS prompt, no GUI)
Background Guard (Behavior Blocker):
Scan of applications while program start
Scan of downloaded and read files
Live detection of Backdoor behavior
Live detection of Worm behavior
Live detection of Dialer behavior
Live detection of HiJacker behavior
Live detection of Spyware behavior
Live detection of Keylogger behavior
Live detection of Trojan downloaders
Live detection of code manipulators
Live detection of new drivers and services
Live detection of new autorun entries
Live detection of Hosts file changes
Live detection of hidden software installations
Live detection of Viruses
Live detection of Rootkits
Live detection of browser settings changes
Live detection of Debugger installations
Live detection of simulated mouse- and keyboard-activities
Live detection of direct sector access on the harddisk
Live detection of system policy changes
Paranoid mode for detection of suspect files
Block single behavior types without program termination
Allow single behavior types permanently
Trust mode for known trusted applications
Self protection against shutdown by Malware
Protection of third party applications
Intelligent alert reduction with technical analysis
Community based alert reduction (intelligence of the masses)
Community based decision help on alerts
Surf protection:
Block dangerous websites/hosts
Block advertising hosts
Block Tracking Cookies
Block/allow self defined hosts
Security Wizard to set up security configuration easily
Online update of software and signatures
Automatic online update
Advanced scheduler for updates
Proxy server support for updates
Display update notify boxes
Display news boxes with latest security news
Anti-Malware Network for submitting suspect files
Non-Admin user support
Extended permissions management
Extended logging of guard/update/quarantine events
Emsisoft HiJackFree analysis tool integrated
Management of all autorun sections
Management of all active processes
Management of all open ports and their processes
Management of all system services
Management of all browser plugins (BHOs, toolbars, etc.)
Management of Layered Service Providers (LSPs)
Management of Hosts file
Personal support if you have troubles


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