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Winners Of GiveAway – 13 : 50 Licenses WinX DVD Video Converter Pack (DVD Ripper Platinum + HD Video Converter Deluxe)


UpDate: Please, confirm in comments that you have or have not received your licneses. Thank You.

Hi Friends,

The wait is over. In this article you will know that who are the Winners Of GiveAway – 13 : 50 Licenses WinX DVD Video Converter Pack (DVD Ripper Platinum + HD Video Converter Deluxe). This was a great giveaway because the number of participants were more than last time for the Gvieaway – 11 : 50 Licenses of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum V5.xx. There can be more giveaways in future if you firends do bit more participation. Your comments are appreciation for us and it is also a sign of activity. You comments on articles other than giveaways will be great it will also motivate software vendors to have giveaways on ComputeLogy.

I am very thankful to Digiarty Sofware, Inc. and  Viola for this co-operation to held GiveAway – 13 : 50 Licenses WinX DVD Video Converter Pack (DVD Ripper Platinum + HD Video Converter Deluxe). This is 2nd time that we have had a giveaway from Digiarty Software, Inc. Beside this Giveawa, if you are not in winners list, there are many freewares offered by Digiarty software, Inc. like:

* Free DVD to iPod Ripper
* Free DVD to AVI Ripper
* Free DVD to VOB Ripper
* Free DVD to MP4 Ripper
* Free DVD to DivX Ripper
* Free DVD to iPad Ripper
* DVD to itunes Ripper for Mac
* iPhone 4 Video Converter
* Free iPod Video Converter
* Free PSP Video Converter
* Free AVI to iPhone Converter
* Free FLV to MP4 Converter
* WinX Video Converter for Mac

There are many other high quality shareware available which we hope to have as Giveaway sometime in future. But to hold these Giveaways, you participation is very important. Try to comment on the articles about which you got some thoughts. Infact, you comments are not just the appreciation but also the Guide for future work.

There is big discount almost 60% running on Digiarty Sofware, Inc. webiste: WinX Suber Pack (Discounted value: 100$ (Original value: 260$)). There are eight valuable software included:

*WinX DVD Author – 5.5
*WinX DVD Ripper Platinum
*WinX DVD Copy – 6.6.8
*WinX DVD Player
*WinX Video Converter Platinum
*WinX HD Video Converter
*WinX Blu-ray Decrypter
*WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

These last few days were so busy that I could not have had time to write a single word for the blog. But I am sure that you would not feel my absense because James wrote a wonderful article about NANO AntiVirus. It is worth reading article. James tried to cover the NANO AntiVirus subject for all aspects and he is succeeded.

Winners Are

We have a good news for you PARTICIPANTS. Viola, on behalf of Digiarty Software, Inc. was so kind that he accepted my request to give licenses to all participants. What does it means? Simple, giveaway was started with 50 licenses of WinX DVD Video Converter Pack but is ending with the license delivery to all participants. I do not know about future but this time I was sure that all the participants will get the license. Well, they accepted my request and that’s is it.

I will send your e-Mail addresses to Viola in few days and I hope, you will get your winning licenses within next two to three weeks. You may receive your license with some delay so do not panic and let me know if it will be too late.

Remember! More participation will have more rewards.


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Home User

Perti, Just want to thank Digiarty Software, Inc. and Computelogy for the Giveaway. I think this is the first time I ever won anything. This is a nice birthday present! That was super nice of them to let everyone be a winner. I think that makes them a winner also for doing that. I have… Read more »


Wow. Thank you to both the company and your wonderful blog. Hugs to All!

Perti: You are welcome and thanx for the HUGS. 🙂
P.S. Do you own a site/blog? Just curious.


Thank so much for all

Home User


Thanks for the nice reply. I will gladly let you know how it goes with Digiarty’s WinX DVD Video Converter Pack (DVD Ripper Platinum + HD Video Converter Deluxe) after I get it, install it and use it. Appreciate you and James for all your hard work.

Perti: Thanx.


thank you so much for all your giveaways, these giveaways are great and very useful. just keep i t it up and more power.

Perti: We will keep it up if friends encourage us.


You rock,

Thank you for this gift.



Perti: Friends rock.


Thank you, you are the best!


Thanks so much.

Perti: You are welcome.


Thanks computelogy 🙂

Perti: You are welcome.


Hello! Thank you very much Perti and Digiarty Software Inc. for giving licenses to all participants,very generous of you.Totally agree with Home User,everyone's a winner here.BTW,James review of Nano Antivirus was very interesting and detailed,with good support this AV can be very successful.It would be great if you guys could also cover up on Tizer… Read more »


Sorry for late reply, but……

Three Cheers to we all and Computelogy !!!!!

Perti: Cheers.


thank you very much

Art Clarke


Thanks to you and Digiarty Software for a great, great giveaway.

You have shown that you care about your readers and that Digiarty is a generous company.

Well Done!



Perti: Thank you n You are welcome.



Thanks Perti & Digiarty!

Looking forward to receiving the license!

Keep up the great work Perti!


WOW man

Thanks a millioin.


Thank YOU and Digiarty Software for this.


Thanks. Looking foward to receiving license.


Hello Perti!

I have received my licenses for WinX DVD Video Converter Pack (DVD Ripper Platinum + HD Video Converter Deluxe) from Voila as well 😀

Thank you so much Perti and Voila.

Best Regards


Thank you.


Hi thanks for setting up this giveaway. I have not received my license yet. Have you send out the license keys yet? Just wanted to make sure my email was not missed! Cheers! Perti: Your e-Mail was sent to Digiarty. They will deliver you your license within few days. Let me know if you do… Read more »


Thank you, you are the best!


Perti,I got license today from Viola.Thank you very much.


Thanks Perti & Digiarty. Got my licenses. Keep up the great work Perti. Best Regards :).


Gots me keys, me did me did .. Thank you Perti and Digiarty


Hi Perti,
I got my licenses today from Viola.
Thanks a lot.


I got my licenses today from Viola.
Thanks a lot.

vaibhav srivastava

vola… today i got my key… thanks computelogy and Digiarty… i am really so so much happy… thanx… mwwaahhh… computelogy rocks always

Home User

Perti, Just wanted to let you know I got the Licenses today for Digiarty’s WinX DVD Video Converter Pack (DVD Ripper Platinum + HD Video Converter Deluxe) in an email from you. Thanks for sending them to me. I am going to call and find out why the server of my provider returned the email… Read more »

Imran K

Thank you for confirmation. 🙂


Thanks! I recieved my license.


yet I have not received licence Winners Of GiveAway – 13 : 50 Licenses WinX DVD Video Converter Pack (DVD Ripper Platinum + HD Video Converter Deluxe).send me licence code plz.

Imran K

Please, wait a bit. You will get it very soon. Thank you for patience.

Mark Latimer

I did receive my free licenses.

Thank you Computelogy and to Digiarty for them!!!!

Imran K

You are welcome. I can not access the website which you gave in weblink so I am deleting that weblink.

Daniel Fenn

I’m letting you know that I just got my product key, Thankyou 😀


No I have not yet licence.

Imran K

Hi Raj, welcome back after a long time.
But how you can have it if you had not applied on time?


Just FYI.. that I have still not received any further information about WinX giveaway in my email.


Merci beaucoup !!!

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