Norton Security Suite v3.5.2.11 (Non-Comcast Users May Use)


Update 02: 06-02-2010: You can update to which is latest release for Norton Security Suite.

Update 01: 06-02-2010: You can update to Norton Security Suite v3.5.2.11 (Comcast users) was on my test list since the day when it was first posted on FatWallet and SlickDeals. I wanted to check it if non-Comcast users can also use it. Seriously friends, I could not have time do my Internet activities in these days. You can easily figure it out by comparing my last 3 weeks activity on COMPUTELOGY with previous time.

Today, after writing article about Paragon Disk Wiper 10 SE, I decided to write my experience about Norton Security Suite v3.5.2.11 as non-Comcast user.
Few days ago, I uninstalled avast 5 free (lots of BSoD in XP Pro and Win 7 x86) from my one laptop and installed Norton Security Suite v3.5.2.11. During these days I tried to observe its behavior for non-Comcast user. I will write the experience and did it work well in the coming paragraphs.
[Image Deleted]
After posting on James blog I thought to share the findings about Norton Security Suite. There is not much difference between Norton Security Suite v3 and Norton 360 v3. Both have same features except a small difference which I will tell you after showing main features:
# Antivirus
# Botnet Protection
# Norton Safe Web
# Network Protection
# Automated Backup & Restore
# Norton™ Insight
# Antispyware
# Norton™ Identity Safe
# Firewall Protection
# PC Tuneup
# Norton™ Browser Protection
# Norton™ Pulse Updates
# Protects your PC, online activities and your identity 24/7 – Delivers award-winning protection against viruses, spyware, worms, phishing, hackers, and more in one complete, fully automated solution.
# NEW! Provides industry-leading security without slowing you down – Runs fast and uses less memory than competing programs, so you won’t sacrifice performance for security.
# NEW! Blocks botnets – Automatically detects botnets to prevent hackers from taking control of your PC and accessing your private information.
# NEW! Makes online shopping safer – Warns you of unsafe websites and suspicious sellers so you can shop without worry.
# Protects your identity when you buy, bank or browse online —Validates authentic sites and identifies fraudulent sites to protect you from “phishing.”
# Offers secure, one-click login to web sites – Automatically stores your logins and passwords so you can sign into sites with a single click. Blocks keystroke loggers and other programs that can steal your information.
# Secures your browser from attacks – Prevents cybercriminals from using vulnerabilities in your web browser to load malware onto your PC.
# NEW! Delivers up to the minute virus protection – Automatically checks for new virus definitions every 5 to 15 minutes and downloads them in the background.? You get continuous protection without sacrificing performance.
# NEW! Protects your important files from loss – Automatically backs up files when your PC is idle, so backups won’t slow you down or get in your way. Includes 2 GB of secured online storage (with option to purchase more).*
# NEW! Speeds up PC boot time – Turns off unnecessary startup programs to get your PC up and running faster.
# Defends your wireless network from intruders – Prevents unauthorized users from stealing your bandwidth and accessing your files. Warns you when you connect to an unsecured wireless network.
# Helps make your PC run like new again – Deletes unnecessary files, defrags your hard drive, fixes common problems, and tunes up your PC to keep it running at peak performance.
If you want to know about protection about eThreats, the simple advice is go to Virus Bulletin and check yourself.
In fact, I was following both threads on FatWallet and SlickDeals since the first day of those thread postings. None of the non-Comcast user could dare to test it for unknown reasons, even though they found that the layout is similar to Norton 360 v3.
If you have used Norton 360 v3 or have seen its main window in snaps, the first sight will tell you that this is Norton 360 v3 customized release contains Comcast logo.
The big difference which I could found is you can take backups on local or external drives like memory sticks or CD/DVD but you do not have any online backup facility which is normally provided to Norton 360 subscribers.
After installation, the annoying thing is whenever you run main window of Norton Security Suite v3, it always asks you to activate it. You close the main window and reopen it, it will ask again. Annoying…

I changed the dates with time interval and event tested some date on August 2012. I kept the changed dates for long time to see date change effects. Nortong Security Suite worked even though I changed dates. It did not show me any sign of inactivity. Yes, it asked again to activate it. I ignored all requests for the activation. Activation requires Comcast customer pin code and if I activate it, useless to test as non-Comcast user.Keep in mind, I did not activate it during this whole testing period but I was able to get updates without any problem.

My experience shows, anybody can use Norton Security Suite v3.5.2.11 as long as Norton does not recognize your installation id. I tested it on Windows XP Pro x86. I do not know about its working on Vista and 7. There is one release for Mac users and I am sorry to not to test that because I do not have any Mac system.
Open the following web page into your browser. You will see two installer at the main along with two folders. Folders contains same installer as shown in the main page. I have mentioned which one is Windows Installer and which one is Mac Installer. Download which you needed.
(web address copy n paste)
[Image Deleted]
.dmg can also be found here:
(web address copy n paste)
Well, here is a comparison chart between Norton Security Suite and Norton 360 provided by Comcast:

(web address copy n paste)Enjoy it and if you like, share your experience. If you find any error in this article or you wanna update it, you are welcome.


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