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Gvieaway – 11 : 50 Licenses of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum V5.xx [Updated]


Update: Because of some personal reasons, today I could not write announce the winners. I will do it on Monday 31st May, 2010. You have some more time to comment.

Hi Friends,

Yesterday, the article was about WinX DVD to iPad Ripper which costs $29.95 but is available free of cost for a limited time. And today, I have a Giveaway of 50 licenses of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum V5.xx. The participation is made easy. I am changing few rules of participation so that everybody (Yea everybody) can participate. Before telling these rules, it is important to highlight WinX DVD Ripper Platinum characteristics for your interest.

[Image Deleted]
In fact, when Sophia (Digiarty Software, Inc. team member) contacted and told me about the offer of WinX DVD to iPad Ripper, at the same time she offered 50 licenses of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum V5.xx to COMPUTELOGY readers, on behalf of Digitarty Software, Inc. I am thankful. Please note that Digiarty Software, Inc. is WinX products line owner.
Now a days, audio video CDs and DVDs have different kinds of protection which do not let you take backup of your purchased CDS and DVDs. They say that they this is to stop piracy but the matter is they kill the basic rights of buyer to have personal backup. In other words, they want you to buy more in case if you have lost or damaged your material. There are few countries who allow buyers to make one backup and the irony is CDs and DVDs are have some sort of protection which does not let you make backup.
Well, I do not want to start conversation about this behavior of such companies but offering you a chance which let you break such codes to take backups of your favorite CDs and DVDs. This way, you save your hard earned and/or pocket money.
WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is able to rip all popular formats like AVI, MOV, FLV, WMV, MPEG, MP4, 3GP, etc. The best this is WinX DVD Ripper Platinum can rip all region DVDs. This means, anywhere in the world, you can use it to rip your favorite movie, music DVD: USA DVDs rip in Russia, Russian DVDs rip in Japan and Japanese DVDs rip in South Africa. 😉
They say:

The latest DVD copy protection technology has been widely adopted by famous film publishers Disney, Paramount and Warner (The technology will be certainly used in future DVDs). It challenges common DVD ripper and backup software, which crash or work out of order. To meet customers’ needs, we immediately update our WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. For non-commercial DVD backup usage, it offers the best compatibility with the DVDs of the latest protection technology. Besides, we will continuously update this program for new DVD copy protections. So WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is also your first choice once your favorite movies are available on DVDs.

Support a Wide Range of Output Formats
  • WinX DVD Ripper Platinum supports 1:1 copy DVD without quality loss within 5 minutes, ripping DVDs to regular AVI, FLV, WMV, MPEG, MP4, MP3, etc, as well as to popular portable devices like iPod, iPad, iPhone, iPad, PSP, Zune, Mobile phone, etc, and capturing images from DVD movie to JPG & BMP.
Advanced Technology
  • Build with powerful and high speed encoding engine inside. Support Hyper-Threading and multi-core CPU, much faster conversion speed. Completely compatible with Windows 7.
Practical Video Editing
  • All video/audio parameters are adjustable for users to optimize image & sound quality, like resolution, bitrate, and frame rate, etc. Besides, easy video splitting lets you flexibly trim your favorite DVD clips to convert.
  1. 1:1 DVD Copy without Quality Loss: Decrypt & copy DVD to PC with 100% original video, audio and subtitles within only 5 minutesnew!
  2. If your original DVD‘s audio is out of sync with movie, the Intelligent A/V Synchronizer can help you solve the problem – new!
  3. To avoid any kind of problems during conversion process, we offer you safe mode which can skip the problems and finish the whole conversion process more smoothly – new!
  4. Enable to change interlaced scanning DVD movie to progressive scanning, make converted video with clearer image – new!
  5. Multi-core CPU supported, which makes your conversion process much fasternew!
  6. Batch rename all clips easily with “Renaming Template” before converting – new!
  7. Rip DVD to popular video formats, e.g. DVD to MOV, DVD to AVI, DVD to FLV, DVD to WMV, DVD to MPEG, DVD to MP4, DVD to 3GP, etc
  8. Rip DVD to popular portable devices including DVD to iPhone, DVD to iPod, DVD to iPad, DVD to PSP, DVD to Zune, DVD to Mobile phone, etc
  9. Rip DVD audio into MP3 music file
  10. Support grabbing screenshot from DVD video to JPG & BMP
  11. All video/audio parameters are adjustable for users to optimize video quality
  12. Automatically disable subtitles but enable users to choose
  13. Trim any segment of DVD to convert
  14. With powerful and high speed encoding engine inside, Platinum Edition enables users to rip and convert DVD video with much better video/audio quality
  15. Support automatically detecting, connecting and transferring converted videos to portable devices
  16. 100% Clean, No Spyware, No Malware, No Adware and No Virus
  17. Designed for Windows 98, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista (32 & 64 bit), Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit)
Giveaway WinX DVD Ripper Platinum V5.xx Participation:
As I have told you that participation rules have been made easy just for the sake of  everybody’s participation. I do not want to leave anybody, who read this Giveaway article but can not participate, because he/she is not COMPUTELOGY reader. I hope I will follow these new rules for all my future Giveaways.
1: You should comment to show your interest in Gvieaway-9 : 50 Licenses of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. One comment is enough. Do not spam. You will be caught. You have to comment to this article with first part of your email e.g. your email is ABCDEF@UVWXYZ.COM. Do not write “@UVWXYZ.COM” inside comment. As you have to write your email when submitting comment, it should be the same which is used for email subscription. Do not worry, your email will not be published at all. YOUR COMMENT WILL CONFIRM IT THAT YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN Gvieaway – 11 : 50 Licenses of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum V5.xx. You can write one comment. More than one comment will not increase your chance of winning.
2: This 2nd condition is not compulsory. It is just up to you if you like: You may subscribe by eMail and/or can post it to facebook and/or can tweet it. If you do not want any of it, no problem, but 1st condition is compulsory.
Note: You may also comment on COMPUTELOGY.com.
Winners Selection:
The winners will be selected through Random.org randomization list generator. The first 50 names in the list will receive their licenses. Please, note that winners eMails will be sent to Digiarty Software, Inc. They will directly deliver your won licenses to your eMails.
Giveaway Closing Time:
This Gvieaway – 9 : 50 Licenses of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum V5.xx will be closed on May 26, 2010 at 2400 GMT. Make sure to comment before the closing time. After that time, you may comment but you will not be eligible to participate.
Winners will be announced in a separate article on May 28, 2010.


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ohhh this forum.. a forum full of giveaways.. liked it.. count me in for this software..


hey.. i have not written my email id part..please discard the first post..
count me in .. my id.. princeaniket@in.com
and i have subscribe to your forum too


Hi, great giveaway please count me in



Thank you for give away.
Please,count me in. I like softgeeek.


Hello, WOuld like to be considered for this giveaway. linugeorge@

thank u so much 4 the giveaway.


you wrote your eMail when writing comment. BTW, subscription is not compulsory.


Thanks for your giveaway. I would love to win the Pro version. hboy02


Hi tech geek, most of my favorite dvd,s have a protection activated.This could be a real pain sometime.I hope that this giveaway will make my life easy.


Ok, this might come in double since I already posted about your giveaway. I hope I will win, I will certainly have a use for this software.
Thank you, cipriansorin@


What a great idea! Thank you for the opportunity!


Please consider me for giveaway!


I appreciate all the effort that you put into this site, i visit every day and already a long time subscriber, This is a good software and I 'd very much like to have a licence.


can i be in this contest!? Thanks


Nice giveaway. Please count on me.
Thank you so much for sharing.


I like your blog. It is full of information. I have a request to count me in.


Thank you for this give away…please,include me for this Winx DVD Ripper . THX!


I used WinX DVDripper Platinum and absolutely liked it. I lost the program recently when I restored an old image of my active partition (as my MBR behaved oddly), Would be great to win a license to install this WinX DVDripper back again.


Congrats on your new Computelogy.com soon to be. I sure would like to have my name entered in your WinX DVD Ripper Platinum giveaway.


Please include my name in your giveaway of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum.
Thank You

Art Clarke

Thanks for hosting thisy. Please count me in for Giveaway 9.

Jean Cadet

I'd love to get one of these v5.xx WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. I have a lot of DVD and music to back-up. Thanks.

Josh Kade

I'd like to win one too. Thanks for considering me…


I'd like to be entered for the giveaway also.

Larry Fanelli

I love all of your articles!


Yeeeeeaaaayyyyy…Another giveaway makes me so excited… 😀
hope i've got some luck…

oh…the best thing of this software is "Decrypt & copy DVD to PC with 100% original video, audio and subtitles within only 5 minutes – new!" wooooowwwwww!!! CoooooL!!!


Thank you for this give away…please,include me for this Winx DVD Ripper


Thank you for this give away…please,include me for this Winx DVD Ripper


I am interested in the giveway.


May I know if this WinX DVD Ripper Platinum that being givenaway is newer than 5.9.2 version?
If it does, then count me in but if it doesn't, I shall give others the chances to win this terrific DVD ripping software.


nice count me in 🙂


All these giveaways make us want more 😛
nice work guys


Thank you for the presenting this chance to even to the non-subscribers (but long-time follower) of your site. I would kindly ask you to count me for one license of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum.


The Giveaway is for 5.xx means any version starting with 5. Should I count you in now?


Twitted here: http://twitter.com/TestGOTD75/status/14346568335
Count me in. I need this software to rip some of my DVDs.
The best feature of this software is "1:1 copy DVD without quality loss within 5 minutes"


I would like to win a license WinX DVD Ripper Platinum
thank you for including me in the contest


Thanks for this very generous giveaway, pls count me in. Tweeted about it also.



Please counting me in. I have tried the V4 version and would like the upgrade.
Thanks !




leel5137@aol.com Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum!


I'd love to win this great software. Thanks!


Greetings! Allow me by express my sincere gratitude for this great Giveaway; this two in 1 (ripper + converter) Digiarty software is quite good. Please count me in.


Hi, I would like to get one please 🙂


I do not know why Firefox has problem. Sometime it happens here, too. And I use Opera.


Hi Thanks for the Giveaway.
Please count me in!


Thank you very much for this opportunity. If possible, please count me in, I would like to have a license to winx dvd ripper platinium v5. Thanks in advance. Cheers.
BTW, I'm a subscriber and here is my tweet: http://twitter.com/pafborg


BTW, subscription is not necessary and tweet, too. The only important thing is comment which you have done. So, you are counted.


Would you forget me?No……That is not possible!!!!



Please throw my name too in the hat. Thank you.


Thank please include me in the Giveaway.
Here is my tweet.

Sanchit Agarwal

Thanks for the giveaway. Count me.


Hi Computelogy I would like to enter your contest for winx dvd ripper platinum 5. Also I would like to say, that this is the first time i see a comment on your site (great news), because I normally use firefox. I mailed to one of you guys, and it appears that firefox 3.5 do… Read more »


Thank you for the giveaway. I love WinX products…



Great software. I'd like to win too.
Thank you so much for sharing.
my twitter : http://bit.ly/9zJE9l


it is great company and great software
count me for this giveaway


Nice article count me in for Gvieaway – 11 : 50 Licenses of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum V5.xx


what a great idea to get a chance to win a licence for a top product , you can count me in hopefully within the fifty.top site ,top idea


One thing it attracts me is that this software can rip formats in all regions and I would like to have a trial on it as this is a very specific function among similar softwares. Hope this is the best chance for me to get it if I am lucky enough. Many thanks to COMPUTELOGY… Read more »


nice one, count me in


BTW tweet is not necessary. The only important thing is comment which you have done. So, you are counted.


Who forgot you???


Hi I would like to win a license for WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. I'm already subscribed to ur blog using the same email as in my comment here.Email:samkr8@……….. My tweet:http://twitter.com/GrrGrrr/status/14738468211 Comment on COMPUTELOGY.com – Please reduce the font size of the articles, as they hurt the eye, rather than being eye-caching. I liked the layout… Read more »


You are counted.
COMPUTELOGY..com is under construction. I do not have much time to work on it. I will try as you said.


thanks for the giveaway .. i would like to join it…


Please pick me to win this giveaway. I have always wanted a one click solution to backing up my DVDs. To win a License of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum would just be absolutely awesome! Thanks for the opportunity to win 1 of 50 Licenses! Have a Good Day Everybody! God Bless.

Ershad Zulfitrah

thanks thank you for this…

please enter me to the giveaway


Sounds Great. Thanks for a great offer

John D

Hope I made the time cutoff. Thanks


Love this site. Thank you


I am just gong to announce the winners and received your comment. Well, one comment is enough. So no need for other two extra comments. One thing I told that spam will be caught. I am discarding your other two comments with name John and Alda.

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