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Get Free zoneLINK SystemUp® Eraser 2009 (Save $30)


One among many loyal COMPUTELOGY readers, chachajee sent me eMail few days ago that he had become the father of 2 childern. Let me congratulate chachajee on behalf of COMPUTELOGY readers. (Of course, you guys can share your happiness, too, separately in comments section). Now he has 2 kids; one boy and one girl. I think 4 persons complete the family, couple and two kids are enough. So, chachajee has completed his family. CONGRATULATION chachajee on completion of your family. I am happy. May you all live long.
Sorry chachajee, I could not write about it earlier. Reason you know. Chachajee has written a comment telling about his happiness. Friends can reply there and can also send me message. I will publish in article.
If COMPUTELOGY will be continued for many years, I hope chachajee will advise his kids to read COMPUTELOGY (just kidding).
I am sorry for long delay between articles publishing. I am very busy now a days. Everyday, I have to work at least 14 hours on different projects. I know, this will continue for few months but will be over.
Chip magazine has a promo on Systemup Eraser 2009. What they say about Systemup Eraser 2009:
  1. Erases files and directories
  2. Erases entire data mediums and partitions
  3. Erases files from the Recycle Bin
  4. Erases free memory space
  5. 5 deletion methods (simple overwriting, VSITR, DoD 5220.22-M E, Bruce Schneier, Gutmann)
  6. Definition of own deletion methods
  7. Signed deletion logs to proof and document deletion processes within the corporate structure
  8. Integration into the context menu of Windows Explorer
  9. Easy wizard-controlled operation
  10. Drag ´n Drop support
Can not we erase/delete data which CCleaner securely? Data deleted by CCleaner is also irrecoverable. CCleaner is a freeware and being used by millions.
Download zoneLINK SystemUp® Eraser 2009 from the following web page.
(web address copy n paste)
Use the promo code 73970-80670-E7584-A8DA6-7D34F to register.
[Image Deleted]

Lulo has some problems in registration. The following snap shows the license works.

[Image Deleted]


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