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Get Free O&O DiskStat Professional v1 (Save $30)


[Image Deleted]In November 2009, I wrote an article A Handy List of Free System Stats Viewers. I shared 6 different software which can show your system stats in very detail and all the six software are free. Now you have chance to Grab O&O DiskStart v1 free of cost and save $30. This is not a current version but still useful.
You need a System Stats Viewer to manage the resources of your system. System stats viewer updates you with system statistics in a very short time. You do not need to move to each file, folder and drive to check its statistics on the disk. System stats viewer does this all and presents data in a meaningful means. It may show you data arranged in charts, graphs, bars, etc. and some stats viewer will only show numerical figures.
O&O DiskStat! O&O DiskStat enables you to analyze used space on your hard disk with the help of Charts (Doughnut, Bar or Treemap). As soon as you start the program you are presented with a concise overview of your entire hard disk. With the help of O&O DiskStat, you can identify and dispose of superfluous files, saving yourself valuable hard disk space in the process!
By now, including O&O DiskStat v1, O&O Software promo list is:
Do we need  to buy O&O DiskStat when a free software can do much better? My previous article on Free System Stats Viewers as I have stated earlier can be found HERE.
Get Free:

1: Open the following webpage into your browser and fill the form. Follow snap P1 for guidance.

(URL copy n paste)

[Image Deleted]
2: Check your eMail inbox. You will have an eMail from O&O Register which contains your Registration info. Snap P2 can help you to locate your registration info. Please be patient when waiting email, it may take sometime to arrive.
[Image Deleted]
3: Download O&O DiskStat v1 and install it. During registration, use the Registration info which you received into your eMail as shown in step 2 (snap P2).

(URL copy n paste)

[Image Deleted]

Enjoy it.


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