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Get Free LayerViewer v1.05.1003 To Monitor Your Network Traffic (Save $39)


Update:Tom Colvin, the developer of LayerViewer, has commented this article. I am publishing his comment here. I will also highlight some parts of his comment.Hello,

I’m the developer responsible for LayerView. Thank you very much for posting our software, and I’m really pleased you find it useful.

I just wanted to provide a little background to the offer. We are looking to put a lot of effort into LayerView in the coming months, so we’re looking for as much feedback as possible. What can we do to really make the product stand out even further? Any comments, criticisms or feature requests would be very greatfully received. We are giving the software away for free in the hope that it will generate more feedback of this nature.

To clarify the licensing, the license we are giving away for free is the $39 home user one, the same as you saw on our purchase page. The license will never expire or run out, so the software is yours forever,

I hope your readers find it useful.

Thanks again

– Tom

Tom Colvin
Ask The Earth Ltd.

I have wrote many times about the importance of a security software. Firewall is normally included in all security software. We know firewall keeps bad guys out and makes it sure that you can surf Internet without any eThreat. One other major function of a firewall is it gives you control over the applications installed in your system. You decide which application should interact with Internet and which should not.

But these firewall do not tell you what type of data is traveling on Internet from and to the allowed applications installed in your computer. You will also not be informed about the data destination and data source on the Internet.
You need a specialized software which can tell you all these info in detail. Such software normally falls into packet sniffer group. LayerViewer is designed to overcome these back draws of a firewall. This is a very tiny software but helps you a lot in monitoring what type of traffic is on your network connection.
It sniffs all the packets travel on your network connection and give you a detailed report. Not just data, it also tells you where your data is going and from where it is coming. You get a complete list of IPs and MAC addresses to which your computer communicate. You will be informed about Time, Protocol, Source and Destination port and Packed ID to identify that data sent and/or received. You can apply filters, too.
LayerViewer supports almost all the Ethernet and Wireless adapters.
Get Free:
This promo has a very long time period. There are still 129 days remaining.  At the request page your will see a count down telling you how much is remaining. But this promo is not for all. At the moment, 3-Users Personal license is offered free which costs $39 normally. I see they are charging $39 for 3-Users Home license. Strange!. By the way, LayerViewer is always from for Students, Educators, Members of the Armed Forces,  and Senior Citizens.
Open the following webaddress into your browser and enter your email address where is asked to receive your free 3-users personal license.
(URL copy and paste)
[Image Deleted]
You will also see your license info on the next page after submitting your form as well as you will receive this info into your eMail.
Home page can be accessed here:
(URL copy n paste)
They have a great manual. You should read it for complete know how.
(URL copy n paste)
My experience shows that it freezes on Windows 7 for a while when I stopped any packet sniffing but after few seconds, It worked. I do not know about Vista and XP.


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