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Get Free Disk Space Fan Pro 2.4.4 (Save $20)


Few moments which I spend on Internet talking you through this blog is really a great blessing of GOD in this really really busy life. Specially, since few months, I have became more busy than before. This is the main reason of my absence.
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Name of Disk Space Fan shows that what kind of software it could be. It is a some sort of duplicate file finder and helps you to delete your duplicate files securely and quickly. The beautiful Ringchart makes it more attractive and fancy compared to old fashioned barcharts.
Lets have a short view first and let me tell you which feature I liked most and then I will take you to Get Free n Install section.
Of course, there is no question on the fancy ringchart. I will talk about filters. Depending on filters, you can do better search for duplicate files and it will become more easy to get rid of such junk. Be default, there are five filters Video, Audio, Document, Application, Image. All the filters use file extensions to find duplicate files. You can add or remove file extension from the filter to change the criteria of your search.
You can add new filters, too. This means, no file remain hidden from your eyes. Disk Space Fan will find what you order.
  • Scans directories and drives to find duplicate files
  • Criteria for comparison of files can be easily set up (file name, size, creation date and content)
  • You can exclude files based on file type, size and location
  • Provides a list of identical files so you can select which ones you want to delete
  • Delete, move, and replace the duplicate files by using symbolic links
  • Using filters, quickly to find out the specified type files
  • Using a filter, you can see the duplicate files by file types
  • Diagram of a flower show in the form of free disk space
  • Save scan history
  • Start from Explorer directly
  • Support for Unicode
  • Network path support
  • Full compatibility with 32 and 64 bit Windows operating systems
There is one thing which is not good that it uses almost 65 MB whole running time. 65 MB is pretty to much. More info on Disk Space Fan Pro can be found here:
Get Free n Installation:
If you are Chip.de RSS subscriber, I may have got the news but if you are not, I am telling you that you can Get Free the Latest Release of Disk Space Fan Pro v2.4.4 and save $20.
1: Open the following web address into your browser and click on big blue button Zum Download .
[Image Deleted]

You will directed to new page and again click on the only blue button which you will see on new page or the text Download-Server Chip Online can also be clicked to start download.

[Image Deleted]

Again you will be directed to new page but your download will start in 5 secs.

(web address copy n paste)
You will be directed to this page:
The below page will give you download:
2: the file which you have downloaded is in .zip archive. Unzip it, you will get one installer along with a .txt file named PRO-Registrierung. Open PRO-Registrierung and you will see the eMail and Code which will be used to activate Disk Space Fan Pro v2.2.4.
3: Install Disk Space Fan Pro and use the provided registration info to activate it and Enjoy it.
If you do not want to download from Chip.de, download from official site and use the activation info:
email: readers@chip.de
code: 96500-16583-F8D29
This is the same info which you will get when you will download Disk Space Fan Pro 2.4.4 from Chip.de. Official download of Disk Space Fan Pro 2.4.4 is:


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