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Get Free Backup4all Lite v4 (4.4.189 release 20.01.2010) (Save $20)


Once again I have a promo of a software to take the backup of data. You guys are already enjoying backup software from Paragon, ASCOMP, AceBackup, DriveImage XML, Ocster Backup, Personal Backup, etc, and now you can Get Free latest release of Backup4all Lite v4 (4.4.189). This new promo is being offered by Polish CHIP magazine. But do not worry, the Backup4all Lite v4 is in English.

I have a bit different habit. Instead of taking full or partial backup using such software, I simply copy my important files to a removable drive. In fact, I use COMODO Time Machie just to roll back the system if I have any problem. Data is already saved in a removable drive.
They say about Backup4all Lite v4:
Backup4all Lite edition implements the basic functionalities of a backup application, thus more suitable for home users that don’t need the advanced backup features Standard or Professional have. Main features that this edition offers:
  • File filtering – powerful filtering engine with lots of options (filter by attribute, size, date, name and type)
  • Multiple backup job configurations
  • Intuitive interface – explorer-like, lets you see all files from the backup and new files that will be stored at the next backup execution
  • Backup open files (files in use) – uses the Volume Shadow Copy service that allows you to back up local open files from NTFS partitions in Windows XP/2003 Server/Vista/2008 Server
  • Default Predefined backups (My Documents, My Pictures, Outlook Express, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, IE Favorites, Backup4all configurations)
  • Backup summary/statistics
  • Backup plugins – possibility to import plugins as Predefined Backups
  • Mirror backup with individual file compression and encryption
  • Mirror backup that copies NTFS permissions and alternate streams
  • Backup and test operations can be paused/resumed/stopped
  • Automatic updates
  • Brief view and “Getting Started” window with shortcuts to main operations
  • Possibility to set memory usage for backing up
  • MSI setup for automatic deployment
  • Command line version
  • Schedule backups (using Windows scheduler)
Get Free:

In fact, the promo link given by Polish CHIP magazine (March, 2010) is very old and initially was for v4.3. But now you can Get Free latest v4.4 b189.

1: Open the following web page into your browser and fill a short form with real eMail address.


(web link copy n paste into your browser).

[Image Deleted]

2: Check your eMail. You will receive an eMail within no time from Backup4all containing your License.

[Image Deleted]

3: Download and install Backup4all Lite v4. Register it with the License you received into your eMail. Please, remember to use Creativemark as registration name as advised into the eMail which you received. To register: Main Menu –> Help –> Register

Download Backup4all Lite v4 from the following link:

[Image Deleted]

To read more about Backup4all Lite v4.4:



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