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Get Free Sticky Password to Save all your Important Passwords at One Place


Majority of web users have more than one eMail accounts and addition to this they have accounts at different portals and forums and it may they have some data storage somewhere on Internet. This means they have to remember many logins and passwords. Keeping one unique passwords for all sites is just foolish thing. And remembering difficult passwords is just headache.

Sticky Password is a solution for such problems. It makes password remembering task easy and saves your all passwords saving you from password remembering headache. You just need to remember one passwords called Master Password which is the password of Sticky Password.

The best feature, which I liked, is it has virtual keyboard. If your PC has any type of key logger, it will be very easy to log your key strokes. Any person who has access to such key logger can easily steal your login info. Virtual keyboard can be used with mouse and it is impossible to log key strokes any more. Sticky Password 4 as per vendor’s words:

Sticky Password stores and protects all your personal data (e.g. passwords, user names, contacts, phone numbers, etc.). Sticky Password links passwords and accounts to applications and websites for which they are used. All information is stored in encrypted form in the Database, access to which is protected by a Master Password. Personal data is easily accessible if the Database is unlocked. After launching a website or application, Sticky Password automatically enters the password, user name and other personal data. Thus, you need not remember all the passwords, you only need to remember one password.

Sticky Password monitors the actions of applications with passwords and prevents the interception and theft of personal data. This component checks applications that use passwords or request them from other applications, before asking you to allow or forbid a suspicious action. It can
•    save and use your passwords;
•    find accounts, passwords, user names and other personal information in the Database;
•    generate secure passwords when registering new accounts;
•    save all passwords on removable device;
•    restore Database from backup copy;
•    protect passwords from unauthorized access.

This is PCWelt mag promo. Open the following web page into your browser and fill a short form as guided into the following snap. Then press arrow headed big button to proceed to next page.


On the next page, you will be shown your info and you will be asked to verify it by clicking on red absenden button. Just do it.

Now check your eMail account. You will have an eMail from PCWelt containing your license of Sticky Password 4.1.x. Following snap may help you to find your license into your eMail.

Download Sticky Password 4 from official site.


Direct download link is


Now I suppose you have installed it. Run it. You will see system tray icon of Sticky Password. Right click on it and click on Help and then on License information.

A new window will open. Just enter your license and activate it. Enjoy it.


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