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Get Free F-Secure Mobile Security for Andriod, Symbian, Windows Mobiles (Six Months)


Let me tell you first that they say it is six months license. They are right, it is really six months license but my experience shows that F-Secure promo license works as long as you want. Surprising…! It is not a difficult trick. I have explained in one of my old articles.  I am not  sure it will work on mobiles or not but it should work.  The other thing there is only one license which has been distributed among many thousands more than 5,000 persons. That’s why I did not write anywhere that the licenses are limited to 5,000 participants.

With the creation of high-tech mobiles and new OSs for them, it became possible to use them as replacement of big computers difficult to carry. Of course, there are laptops and netbooks but do not you see mobiles like Motorola, Apple, Nokia, HTC, Samsung, etc. are creating very high-tech mobiles competing laptops and netbooks. Not many years are left for big desktops, even for laptops, too. Well, with high-tech the danger is high. Viruses, Spywares, Malwares and hackers became active on such instruments, too. Because of same threats on mobile like as on PC and Macintosh you need some very specialized security software.

One security is never turn-on your mobile. If not possible, use some really good security software to protect your mobile. BTW, F-Secure Mobile Security can be grabbed for six months of you have mobile running Andriod, Symbian or Windows OSs. Read more about F-Secure Mobile Security here:

Securing your smartphone and the information it contains is important, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Start enjoying complete mobile peace of mind today!
* Complete security solution for smartphones with automatic updates
* Safeguards your personal and confidential data
* Identifies dangerous websites and protects your identity online
* Protects your data in the event your phone is lost or stolen and helps to locate it
* Protects against viruses and other malware

First I saw this news on our friend site Techno360. Thanks to Ramakanth for sharing this good news.

You need to have Facebook account. If you have it, it is OK. If you do not have Facebook account, first create it.

I suppose you have Facebook account. Open F-Secure Facebook page and click on like button which is just below the Facebook Search box.

After clicking Like button, the page will refresh and you will see a small form asking your eMail. Just enter your eMail and select country and submit it.

With in 2 minutes, you will receive your license with download link into your eMail box. You can also download from the following link.

To use more than six months, you may need to uninstall and reinstall F-Secure Mobile Security. Use the same code to re-register your security. I hope, it will give you again six months extra.

They are sending same license to everybody.


If you have question, ask.


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Thanks for info! I had different license,not like a showed,think is unable to register with different keys as desktop client

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