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Get Free Abelssoft JetDrive 2010 Professional (Save 30€)


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Just two or three days ago, chachajee asked a solution for his slow computer. I recommended a few solutions and one was to clean PC with CCleaner but I forget to advise to defragment hard disk. So, if you still remember the speed of your PC when it was new and now you see that it is damn lazy just for nothing, you would better to clean it vitually. Yea, use different kinds of software to repair and maintain your PC in a good state. One maintaining state is Defragmentation.

After some time of usage of PC, it becomes slow. The reason is the files stored inside PC are fragmented into small pieces of files. The one file will be shattered into many small pieces at different locations on hard disk. When this badly shattered file is being read by PC, it took a long of compared to normal time. The reason is your file is fragmented into small pieces. Now you need Defragmentation so that all the files should be rearranged. This will increase the file read and write speed and you will feel it. Abelssoft JetDrive 2010 Pro is solution.

1. Better and faster Defragmentation-Algorithm: JetDrive has a special algorithm, that isn’t only faster, but even more effective.
2. JetSmart-Technology: With JetSmart you drive can be defragmented up to 20% more effective! JetDrive 2009 uses the JetSmart as its standard defragmentation technology now. The Windows Defragmentation only offers one defragmentation-option.
3. Intelligent Features: You don´t want o miss our new product range with intelligent features and newly tools.
4. FolderVisualizer: We deliver not only software for defragmentation, but give you all the tools to keep your drives clean. With the FolderVisualizer you can free space on your disks and speed up the defragmentation process.
5. TempCleaner: Your Windows-Tempfolders will be cleaned before every defragmentation. So you not only defragment you drive, but also free it from unneeded files. This also accelerates the defragmentation process and makes it more effective.
6. Defragment protected Windows files: Windows uses several protected files to work, which cannot be defragmented under normal circumstances. JetDrive is able to defragment these files before Windows starts. Accelerate your Windows even more this way.
7. Registry Defrag: JetDrive is also able to defragment your Windows Registry. The Registry is very fragile for a strong defragmentation. Our Registry Defrag-Tool hleps you to keep the hard disc in an unfragmented state
8. DriveCheck: You can check your drives at any time by one simple click. If JetDrive finds errors in your file system, it repairs them and so brings you drives in a consistent state.
9. AbEasy-Technology: We simply offer the nicer and better user interface. We make the usability simple. Thanks to our AbEasy-Technology. For example JetDrive is able to defragment your drives and Registry and to turn off your compute afterwards. There is no need to wait for your computer!

Get Free Abelssoft JetDrive 2010 Pro

This is CHIP Adventskalender 2010 promo.

Open the following web page into your browser and click on any of two big blue button to go to next page as guided in the following snap:


Now again click on blue text or button as directed by arrow. You will directed to a new web page.

Now your download should start automatically. If not, just click on button or text to start download as guided by arrows.

I suppose you have downloaded JetDrive 2010 Pro. Start installation. Before the end of installation, you will see window like below. Just fill you eMail and name and press the button to send info to Abelssoft.

Within seconds, you will receive an eMail from Abelssoft containing your license. Use the license and and enjoy Abelssoft JetDrive 2010 Pro.


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Thanks for info…
How is this compared to Auslogics Defragger Free edition ???


It appears this software is already the pro version, therefore I don’t believe a license is necessary. There is no where to input a license code anyway, so don’t hold your breath for that email with a license.

And thanks very much for the giveaway!


Downloaded and ran on my computer last night, Just finished reformatting it back to original state. The graphical image on Windows defragmenter showed a huge gap at the beginning of the drive? after running this program. BSOD on startup after using this program. Just my report.


Yes, same here: BSOD. I was going to give my two away, put I’ll scrap that idea. I had to reformat and reinstall Windows. I hope no one takes advantage of this software until it can be proven that all the bugs are out.


It appears I wrote prematurely about not needing (and recieving an email license for Ablessoft JetDrive). It was in my spam folder. So look there for it. Still, I don’t see where the license can be inputted within the software. Will have to look harder, I guess.

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