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Get Free WinPerfect v6.20 (Save 20.93 EUR)


Just 3 days ago, I shared info on how you can get VirtualDrive Home 11.8 + PC Shower 2009 + Nitro PDF 5 + ArtStudioPro Vol.2 free of cost. Unfortunately, VirtualDrive and Nitro PDF promos could not last long. The reason was simple. People needed it. They rushed to Grab these software. Results you know. There is nothing to worry about. In future you will get more. But at the moment there is one more UNTOLD gift for you. The latest release of WinPerfect CAN BE GRABBED FREE.

They say:

Windows system optimizer which checks and fixes any hard-disk and file system problems, cleans hard-disk and system registry, optimizes memory, defragments hard-disk, optimizes any installed software, tunes-up system specific settings, accelerates internet connection, improves cpu usage, maintains security, manages installed system services and uninstalls software no longer wanted.

System Requirements:
Works on Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

Grab It:
1: This is the same old procedure. You simply have to type your email address and press the big button. For better understanding look at snap P1. Open any of the following URL into your browser (copy n paste). After filling form, you will be directed to a new page where you will be told in German language that a confirmation email has been sent to you.

2: Open your email and click on confirmation link to confirm your request. If for some reason, the link is not clickable, simply copy and paste it into your browser’s address bar and open it. You will see a massage in German language telling you that your request is confirmed. Look at snap P4 to find the confirmation link into your email.

3: Now you will get one new email after confirming your request. In this email, you will get your requested license. Look at snap P3 for better understanding to find the requested license into your email.

4: Download WinPerfect from the following URL (copy n paste). Install it and the use the GRABBED license.


Warning: My one Stumbler Friend (friend on StumbleUpon) “Ken58” sent me a message that he was warned by IOBit Security 360 during the installation of WinPerfect v6.20. The threat was identified as some sort of Virus. He also uses Malwarebyt’s and ThretFire but these two security software mentioned nothing. The system where I tested WinPerfect contains AVG Internet Security v9, Malwarebyte’s Anti-Malware, a-squared Anti-Malware, Zemana AntiLogger and IOBit Security 360. I was not warned by any security software, even IOBit 360 was silent. So, my view is this warning is false-positive. I am telling you because you may face this problem.

Update 1: oOfmanOo (in comment) has provided a link where you can download various promo software. WinPerfect can also be downloaded.


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