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Get Free USB Safely Remove v.4.1 (Aug 19th-25th)


Computer devices used via USB ports are very common now a days. Many people think just data storage devices can be used through USB port but it is not the reality. There are many other devices can be used via USB like web-cam, joystick, even your keyboard, etc.

When you connect a device through USB to your computer, Windows always has to recognize it and also has to install and run the driver for that device to made it work properly. If Windows does not recognize, it asks you to install the driver for it. Now a days almost every computer device is Plug-n-Play. So, Windows just recognize it when you connect it to your computer.

But what, when you have to remove it? You can not simply de-attach the device. Sudden de-attaching can harm your device and also can harm computer from working properly. It can crashed your Windows and force you to reinstall Windows, some part of your computer can be malfunctioned, the driver for that device may be corrupted and will not work next time, etc. Windows has a safely remove program to remove USB device.

USB Safely Remove has few advantages over Windows own safely remove program. It identifies all USB connected devices by name, Windows does not recognize by name. USB Safely Remove also shows hidden USB devices which is difficult through Windows Safely Remove. Some time, Windows Safely Remove does not let you stop device from working and you may not be able to remove it but USBSR stops any such running device and shows you which function or file stopping USB device from stopping. It let you easily remove the device without any damange.

¤ It saves time…
Displaying what prevent a device from being stopped
Safe removal via hotkeys
¤ Lets you recognize a device in a snap..
The handy menu with device icons
Real device names and ability to rename them
Feature to hide unnecessary to stop devices
¤ Extends your hot-plug opportunities…
Program autorun on device connectiondisconnection
Command line for safe removal
¤ Does unique things!
Hiding of “empty” card reader drives
Card reader memory cards ejection one-by-one
Returning just stopped device back!

How to Grab:

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