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Get Free SystemUp® Harddisk 2009 (Save €30)


We are crazy to Grab such promos where we can Grab security software like AntiVirus, AntiSpyware and/or any other AntiMalware. No doubt these are very important but can not do help you in matter of hard disk problems. For the hard disk health monitoring you need other software. Hard disk monitoring software let you know the current conditions of your hard disk. Some time when your hard disk is in some sort of critical situation, these software let you know before the problem arises.

SystemUp® Harddisk 2009 is of same type. It helps you monitoring your hard disk and gives detailed recommendations und performance reports regarding Health, Performance and Temperature of you drives. It warns you if your hard disk gonna fail. Here you have the chance to Grab it and save €30.
  • Diagnosis of S.M.A.R.T Values
  • Clear and detailed overview of all relevant parameters
  • Customizable Alarm System
  • Special algorithm to calculate percental values of Health and Performance based on a large growing database with reference data of other drives
  • Recommendations based on the current Health and Performance
  • UAC and Non-Admin compatible
  • Integrated Vista Sidebar Gadget with ActivityLEDs
  • Integrated SystemUp Guard with Activity LEDS
  • Supports all S.M.A.R.T capable devices which report ther S.M.A.R.T status to the operating system

The free alternatives are CrystalDiskInfo, HDD Health, Hard Drive Monitor, SMART Monitor, etc.

Grab It:
This is a CHIP magazine promotion. Download SystemUp® Harddisk 2009 from the following web address. (URL copy n paste)
Install it and use the license 4B75B-1CBBC-AE30A-D0349-96707 to register it. Use any name and company during registration. Enjoy it.
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