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Get Free Audials Radiotracker 6 (Save $30)


Almost one and half month ago I did a Giveaway of Audials products with cooperation of Audials team. Now I am not doing this giveaway but from CHIP.de you have the chance to Grab Audials Radiotracker 6 in there Adventskalender 2009. Again telling you keep in mind that this Adventskalender will continue till December 24, 2009. Every day you will have chance to Grab Free licenses of different software.
At a glance: web radio recorder functions in Radiotracker
  • Records individual songs from all Internet radio stations (MP3, WMA, AAC)
  • Includes a database with over 40,000 Internet radio stations
  • Live-player plays every radio station and you can zap from station to station quickly
  • Search radio stations by genre, country, artists played, quality
  • Automatic mass recordings of 80 genres from up to 100 stations
  • Millisecond-accurate recordings cuts out all the unwanted talk
  • Set the quality of recordings – restrict searches to complete songs in music shop quality
  • Fill out and manage several lists of your favorite stations
  • Job functions: assign number of tracks, data or time limits
  • Record from social radio stations such as last.fm, imeem.com and others
  • Add ID3 tags and album covers to your files
  • Normalization at a uniform volume (adjustable db)
  • Automatic searches for song lyrics
  • Output in target format via on the fly file conversion (MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, FLAC, WAV)
  • Blacklist stations
  • Wishlists: Search for artists (“everything by this artist“) and precise track requests
  • Simultaneously monitors thousands of stations for targeted music
  • Fulfills requests in a matter of seconds
  • Database with approx. 100,000 artists to add to your wishlists
  • Suggestions of matching artists to fill out your wishlists
  • User community with thousands of wishlists, which you can use with 1 mouse click
  • Automatically generate wishlists based on one of 80 genres
  • Create wishlists based on your existing music collection
At a glance: handy convenience functions in Radiotracker
  • Integrated player to display and play all of your downloaded songs and podcasts
  • Transfer music with 1 click to iTunes™, Winamp™, Windows Media Player™
  • Synchronize MP3 players, cell phones and USB devices easily
  • Burn audio CDs, MP3 CDs, MP3 DVDs. Burn to several CDs in one step
  • Ringtone editor for individual ringtones, transfer to cell phone via cable or Internet
  • Podcast database with tens of thousands of podcasts
  • Search for podcasts by name, language, popularity
  • Automatic downloading of new podcast episodes
  • Automatic conversion of video podcasts in the desired format (MP4, WMV, AVI)
  • Music manager: display your music collection by artist, genre, file type
  • Easy to use tag editor
  • Add your own pre-existing music to the music manager
  • Search the Internet by tags, covers and lyrics for your own music
  • Automatically round out large groups of your own music files with tags / add lyrics
  • Flexible, rule-based reorganization of your music collection’s file types on the hard drive
  • Flexibly import music from external sources and automatic, rule-based reorganization
  • Define your own settings for storing music and reorganization
  • Audio studio permits recutting and fading
Grab It:
Open the following URL into your browser and click on big blue button Zum Download. Sanp P1. (URL copy n paste)
[Image Deleted]
You will directed to a new webpage. Click on Download-Server CHIP Online and again you will be directed to new webpage. Sanp P2.
[Image Deleted]
Now your download will start. Keep in mind it is a not the full .exe but a downloader. After downloading it, when you will run it, it will connect to CHIP servers. Let it connect to download the installer. Install the Radiotracker 6. Use it and enjoy it.
Remember: Whenever you will start the application or close it, it will show a window to enter the registration / License code. Just close this window. This is a full version. This is advised by CHIP.


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