Check Out How Worthy Your Online Information is with Norton Online Risk Calculator


I am no loyal fan of Norton by a clear mile. Their recent offerings are pretty solid, but not enough to convince me to use their security suite. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like their concepts of PC security though. In fact, Norton does have some pretty interesting and working innovation these couple of years starting from the Pulse Update (deliver updates in small file size every few seconds) and Norton Insight (excluding trusted and unmodified files from scanning process to boost scan speed.) in their 2009 suite, to the latest Quorum technology (automatic counter-virus definition creator) in their 2010 security suite. Norton Quorum Technology is only one of the few new features introduced by Norton this year. One of the new feature (online service in fact) is the Norton Online Risk Calculator.

Norton Online Risk Calculator cannot detect and remove malwares from your PC. They are instead, a service provided by Symantec to assess how safe you will be online through analyzing your browsing habit, knowledge of security issues and so forth. It does much more in protecting you in a sense that it reminds you of dangerous habits which may allow you to be infected or scammed online. We always say prevention is better than cure, right? Well, that’s the first purpose of Norton Online Risk Calculator.

Besides evaluating your browsing habits, the other more powerful feature of Norton Online Risk Calculator is to evaluate how worthy your online information is to the black market. The tool provides a risk rating by analyzing demographic, online activity, and the value of the information up for grabs. It simply works by taking your gender, age range, types of information you store online (credit card and bank account data, brokerage accounts, e-mail accounts, and social network accounts) and calculate an estimated value of all that information plus considering how cautious you are online before showing you a result.

This tool can be useful for novices and advanced users alike who constantly go online and are worried about security issues. Visit the official site of Norton Online Risk Calculator here and check it out! There are many other interesting items such as videos, strategic guide and useful security information which you can watch and read on the website.

Visit the Official Norton Online Risk Calculator by clicking on this link.

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