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A New Notebook: ASUS K401N Series


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I’ve been away from blogging these past few days not only due to me learning something in graphic editing, but also due to me finding a replacement for my old notebook…well, not exactly very old, since it’s only three years old coming Christmas Day, but then it’s starting to fail me in some aspects which i deemed as important.

I was asking for a powerful notebook with a reasonably low-to-medium budget, since an expensive notebook is out of my capabilities, so it took me a particularly long time to find the perfect replacement but i finally found a really nice one: behold, the ASUS K401N series!

For those not into researching notebooks and hardware knowledge, the ASUS K401N series first appeared in market during the late first-half of 2009, sometime between April and May. That was of course, in the United States only, so by the time it reached the market in my living area during the second-half of 2009, it was pretty much considered a brand new PC.

The ASUS K401N Series comes with an Intel Core 2 Duo T6500 running at 2.1GHz and with 80GHz FSB data transfer rate, discrete graphic card in the name of NVIDIA G102M, 320GB Seagate Hard Drive, Extensive 4GB RAM and  14″ Hi-Def Screen, in addition to a built-in Cooling Technology on which ASUS held patent for. What attracts me in the first place actually is that the purchase gives me genuine license of 32-bit Windows 7 Ultimate and free Linux OS in addition to a 2-year warranty and support period.

Perhaps some may think of this as nothing great but for me, it is quite the extensive upgrade for a reasonably low price. My old Conpaq Presario V3000 series is good , but then with Intel Core Duo T2050 at 1.6GHz, Windows XP license, the miserable Intel GMA 945 graphic card (which edition is not officially supported for Windows 7), no webcam at all plus wear and tear on the Fujitsu Hard Drive which is pretty much ‘extinct’ in my area nowadays, it is a pretty major upgrade. Besides, hardcore notebook fans will know that ASUS is literally the king of motherboards & overclocking…and that the ASUS K Series is perhaps the best notebook line from ASUSTek.

Now with a more powerful notebook along with m old faithful, i guess i am now much more better-equipped(?) at my computing life. I haven’t even unwrap some of the ASUS notebook’s protection wrappers yet plus learning all the functions and features, so it would mean that i’ll be away from blogging again for some time!


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