Manage PC Disks Partitions With Wondershare Disk Manager Free v1.0.0

Just recently, we have had a 50 Licenses giveaway of iSkysoft DVD Ripper. The licenses have been dispatched to the winners. If someone is missing, please, let us know. iSkysoft is child company of Wondershare.

Many times during last year, we have shared promos of high quality Disk Management software from Paragon-Software, Avanquest, O&O-Software, etc. Those promos where available for a short period of time and many of you could not get those software for some reason. Luckily, we always have Freeware/Free available as substitute. And sometime Freeware/Free is better than Sharewares. Here I am not going to do any comparison among these software but will tell you a short summary of Wondershare Disk Manager Free v1.0.0. Let me tell you that I ran it on virtually installed Windows XP Pro x86 and tested its all functions. I did not face any problem and at no step Wondershare Disk Manager Free v1.0.0 denied my orders according to its abilities. The only strange thing is it started Windows XP two to three times to apply settings.

Most Handy Partition Manager Ever
A full set of disk partitioning features lets you take full control of your hard drive. Need to copy, resize, extend, delete, merge, split or recover partitions but fear to lose important data? With this handy and safe partition manager, you can Do It Yourself.

Create Partition: create a new partition or re-partition your hard drive for better usage.
Delete Partition: delete a partition or delete all partitions. You can choose whether to shred data in the partition.
Resize Partition: extend a partition to a larger size or reduce a partition without losing data.
Copy Partition: copy a partition as well as all files in it for backup. You can save the copy to another partition or another storage device.
Recover Partition: recover lost partitions as well as files in it from misoperation, software/hardware failure, or virus attack.
Convert Partition: convert FAT to NTFS or vice versa.
Set Partition Active: your computer will boot from the active partition.
Hide/unhide Partition: make your sensitive partition invisible and prevent unauthorized access.
Format Partition: prepare for installing OS or re-organizing your hard disk.

Disk Copy & Management
Disk Management allows you to copy hard disk for backup or upgrading to a new hard drive, and delete all partitions in one time.
Copy Disk: create an exact disk copy for backup or upgrading to a new hard drive.
Delete All Partitions: delete all partition in one time quickly.

Complete Wizards for Multiple Partitioning Tasks
Five intelligent partition wizards (resize partition wizard, create partition wizard, delete partition wizard, copy partition wizard and recover partition wizard) included in Wondershare Disk Manager help you complete multiple partitioning operations in a breeze.

System Requirements
» 32-bit operating system: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7
» CPU: 800 MHz
» RAM: 512 MB of RAM on Windows XP; 1.5 GB of RAM on Windows Vista/7
» Hard Disk: 10 MB for application files
*1.2 GB free disk space in system partition on Windows XP
*2.7 GB free disk space in system partition on Windows Vista/7
» Install and run the program under administrator account

Though Wondershare Disk Manager is a free software but you still need to get license key. You can get your license key here:

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  1. The most important feature of any partitioning utility would be the ability to move open or running applications and files. I just lost an OS with many good commercial apps which were free & time limited installs. Check out XXXXXX Task Manager.

    Also, be aware of recovery partitions on your C drive which are not necessarily visible and can be over-written or partially damaged when partitioning. Some OEM’s include this when doing clean installs with their discs – easy money for helping you recover your PC from a crash. The recovery partitions are sometimes not even visible in your boot.ini (loader) file – start > run > msconfig – meaning defining which boot partition. Usually noticed at start up “would you like to run recovery” or some option displayed prior to Windows is starting.

    Didn’t see this feature listed but will read more later. Just be sure you have created a re-install disc set as I usually do with Paragon as well as restoring the OS & apps from a LAN hard drive.


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