How-to: Delete Old Windows Folder on Windows 10


Windows 10 is here and, not all of you but a group of millions including me has installed it on their computers. The only reason I am keeping it because it is faster than Windows 8 and Windows 7. It has less impact on system resources like RAM and CPU. On SSD, it is with 3 seconds faster bootup. Programms also launch quickly. So, because of my satisfaction, I decided to delete Delete Old Windows Folder on Windows 10 to save the disk space on my SSD. You can find t...


MASSIVE SALE 29 Paid iPhone iPad Apps Free Today


There is a great deal for persons from finance and business in today's free app list for iPhone and iPad apps. There are a few dictionaries regarding finance terms for professionals and personal use. Users have important terms and words on their finger tips to find. There is also one app which provides information about small business organization.  And of course, as usual, I have apps for music, camera, games, digital scanner and copier, text to speech, currency ...


Funtastic 14 paid iPhone iPad Apps Free Today


Cyber Monday is here. Many of you didn't rush to stores to be benefited from Black Friday deals and, most probably, will not go now either. But you know, to get deals on apps you don't go out but just get the smartphone or tablet and visit, select the app you like from the list, click on the link, open iTunes, download and install while sitting on couch or sofa. ...


AVG AntiVirus PRO Android Security For Only $0.99 was $14


Android's security is in users hands. It is the user who decides to be get hacked or remain safe. Two or three simple measures ensure 99% security for any Android device. First of all turn off download from unknown resources from settings, secondly download only from Google Play and finally use only Google Chrome when visiting websites. To deal with one percent remaining security issue, you have many security software solutions and one from them is AVG AntiVirus P...


Black Friday Deal 42 Paid iPhone iPad Apps Free Today


Black Friday is USA tradition and rest of the world has nothing to do it but now this concept is changing. Since a few years, in Europe, specially in UK, the vendors and stores are offering deals to celebrate Black Friday. I was reading that people got injuries and some of them fought in UK today. I hope there will not be bad news from USA. We will know in one week how much people have spent on Black Friday. To celebrate this day, here I have huge list of paid iPh...


Don’t Miss 39 Paid Android Apps Free on Black Friday 2014


When everybody is celebrating this Black Friday in their own way: people are spending more on hugely discounted products, stores are offering those products at big discount; Amazon also celebrating it. And this is a happy news for Android users that Amazon is doing huge giveaway of 39 premium Android apps free on Black Friday. Most of these apps are premium apps and are need of every smartphone user. Just remember, you can install these apps on all Android devices...


OfficeSuite Pro 8 + PDF For Only $0.99 For Android Devices on Google Play and Amazon AppStore [Was $14]

Good productivity software are always best assets for professionals as well as students. And when you have chance to get well established high quality top rated productivity software at dirt cheap price, should not hesitate and just get it. Same is the case with OfficeSuite Pro 8 + PDF.


Premium 23 Paid iPhone and iPad Apps Are Free Right Now


Travelling is a headache specially during some long holidays like on Christmas.  I am also going to Sweden for my Christmas holidays. I have to create a checklist through I like travelling lite. If you are planning something like this, I have an app for you. Other related apps are travelling guides and maps which you will need if you are travelling to certain destination. Today free apps for iPhone and iPad is huge. You better check it yourself.


Free PDF PROvider for iPhone and iPad for Limited Time

PDF PROvider Logo

PDF PROvider for iPhone and iPad and convert word, excel, powerpoint, pages, numbers, keynote, maps, contacts, photos and webpages to pdf on iphone and ipad. It is equipped with built-in scanner, internal web browser and have also support for Dropbox. It can also let you annotate PDF files.

Important: All the apps mentioned below are free at ...