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Previously, we were able to have Turkish food recipes app and Indian food recipes app from App Store. Now its the time to learn how to prepare Sushi. I have never made Sushi myself but here is one Sushi bar (the name is this) where I have been a couple of time with friends. Their service is eat as much as you can. In today’s app list we are going to to have one Sushi recipe app.

One Year F-Secure Freedome VPN Free For Android and iOS Users

A while ago, F-Secure introduced its VPN services for Android and iOS users. VPN services are best used when using public WiFi to save your data from preying eyes. The data between your device and VPN server is encrypted. Data travels from VPN enabled device to targeted server through VPN servers which makes data security and privacy ensured.

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Todays listing has many useful apps. Some of them are few visual storytelling apps for kids as well as for elders (if they like it). There is one app for keyboard named Elliptic Keyboard which let you type using one hand. The keyboard really follow some good rules of Usability like easy access. You should give it a try. Net Master HD helps you to analyze and diagnose the networking problems with your iOS devices. You may also get task manager, photo effects manager, puzzle game, finance manager and many other useful apps

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There are many other good apps in today’s list. It depends upon you what you are looking for. Today’s list has apps for travellers, music lovers, brainers, task management, photo editing, some utility apps and some games. The price range is between $0.99 to $21.00. Let’s see what is gone free today.

[Video] Fair Comparison of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Nexus 6, Lumia 1520, OnePlus One, iPhone 6 Plus, LG G3

By now, you may have read a lot of articles comparing different smartphones and definitely most of those articles are always talking about Samsung and Apple smartphones. In between, you may have also found some other good smartphone comparisons from Sony, Nokia (dead?), LG and others. But most of the reviews are biased.

Save $170 Wonderfox Thanksgiving Giveaway: Document Manager, DVD Ripper Pro, HD Video Converter Factory Pro, Video to GIF Converter, Video Watermark, Video Converter Factory Pro, DVD Ripper Speedy

I don’t know if we still need DVD rippers because since the smartphones are in everybody’s hands and the availability of all media in digital format, it seems bit strange to sit in front of DVD player. I can use my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (a two years old smartphone) to stream all the videos to my 42-inch TV. But if you still watch DVDs, what could be better than a professionally designed DVD ripper from Wonderfox.

Right Now 23 paid iPhone and iPad Apps Free – Get Before its Over

This week has been for very good in terms of freebies from Apple App Store and Amazon AppStore. Usually, on iTunes there is always a big list of gone free apps for iPhone and iPad users and Amazon only gives one free app a day. But yesterday, Amazon is giving away many apps worth of at least $104 which can be installed on any Android device. Also that my previous listing of free apps for iPhone and iPad still has many apps available as free which you check it here. And don’t forget to get free Photo Editor by Aviary including all the plugins for limited time. Aviary Photo Editor is the best app of its kind for all iOS and Android devices.

Save $104 – Get Free 15 Premium Android Apps For LImited Time

I have shared freebies from Apple App Store on many occasions and every time you were able to get free tens of iOS apps for your iPhone and iPad. But this time, Android users can also enjoy a big freebies deal. Amazon AppStore has published 15 premium paid Android apps which are free at the moment. It is a surprise because on regular routine, Amazon gives away only one app during 24 hours. Whatever, get ready your Android device to this rain of freebies from Amazon AppStore.

Get Photo Editor by Aviary Free With ALL in-App-Purchases for Android & iOS Devices

To get all photo editing tools available in Photo Editor by Aviary, you need to have an Adobe ID. If you don’t have one, you can create it through Photo Editor by Aviary’s interface. Once you logged in with your Adobe ID and download any or all plugins/tools, they are yours forever said by them.

Download Photo Editor by Aviary from Google Play Apple AppStore (download links given below) on your device, install it and open it. After opening photo editor, at the upper left corner you will see three parallel horizontal lines.

SUPER SALE: 14 Paid iPhone and iPad Apps Free Today Only

I like Indian food more than any other food even more than my own country food. It is because Indian food is tasty, spicy and aromatic. There are vegetable too but they can prepare meat in so many ways that seems Indian food only has one thing and that is meat. Here I see indian restaurant full of people all the time. Indian food is the next big business in food industry. BTW, all food types from Subcontinet (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives and Sri Lanka) is called Indian food. So if you want to give surprise to your family and friends, you better get today’s free app which has Indian food recipes to teach you Indian cooking.