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Meet Strongify, the easiest workout tracker app. Enter the number of reps and the weight you lifted in just a few taps. Create any exercise that you want and track your progress over time. Set up now the gym routine you deserve.


You can name your routines and exercises as you want. Don’t spend that much time trying to find the official (long and boring) name of your workout in an endless list of exercises. Create a routine, create an exercise in it and you are ready to go! You know what needs to be done for your body and an app shouldn’t make it difficult


Tracking your progress should be fast. In fact, Strongify does it in a few taps only! Are you going to the gym to look at your workout app? We don’t think so! That’s why Strongify will remember the last weight and reps you entered, which makes adding a workout fast and convenient.


– Easy and simple UI
– Fast, no more wasted time at the gym
– Efficient tracking of your workout
– Log your reps and weight in a few taps.
– Create any custom routines you want
– Support for imperial and metric units
– Track your progress
– Get relevant stats of your progress
– Multiple charts
– Reach your fitness goals
– Analyze your performance
– Share your workout to your Instagram Story
– See all your past workouts on a calendar
– Try themes before going Premium
– Get your dream body

All the apps mentioned here are free at the time of writing this article. There may be price change or in-app-purchases when you visit the app webpage on the respective app store.

How to get free Strongify Easy Workout Tracker for iPhone & Apple Watch:

Tap on the app menu, then tap Settings, then tap Premium, and then finally tap on Upgrade. Your app will be upgraded to the premium version without any cost.

‎Strongify Rep Count Lift
‎Strongify Rep Count Lift

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