Today Free iPhone Apps: Mister Battery, Video LUT Grading and Smart Resize 2X


Well, not just these three apps are free today but also many others. But, you know, I just do not put useless burden on Internet. That’s why I selected only these three apps. So, today free iPhone apps are Mister Battery, Video LUT Grading, and Smart Resize 2X.

iPhone Apps Mister Battery, Video LUT Grading and Smart Resize 2X Banner

All the three apps are free at the time of writing this article.

Mister Battery

Mister Battery helps you calculate each charging detail for your device.

With different chargers and charging cables, your device’s charging speed varies greatly. Using the Mister Battery, we can help you find the best charging device combination!

Mister Battery provides the following features:

  • Measure the maximum watts of the current charging system, the number of milliamps per minute charged.
  • Record the duration and effect of each charge to help you compare the results.
  • Calculate the speed of each charge you got.
  • Check if your device supports PD(Power Delivery)

.Find your best charging device and let your battery charge up!

‎Mister Battery
‎Mister Battery
Developer: He Zhou
Price: $2.99

Video LUT Grading

With this app, you can import your own LUTs and apply them to your videos and images. If you have iPhone, get instead of the “Video LUT” for iPhone. (search for it)

Supported formats:

  • DaVinci Resolve 3D Cube LUT (.cube)
  • Autodesk 3D LUT (.3dl)

e.g. Send them by mail/download in Safari and choose Open/Copy with Video LUT. Zips with multiple tables are supported.

Also by iTunes File Transfer that is enabled. You can transfer .cube, .3dl and 512×512 .png LUT tables. But folders and .zip files not supported.

Use the Admin button for importing the files after you have transferred them.

  • Visualize yours.CUBE and .3DL files in 3D. You can also save a snapshot.
  • Export them also as LUT images (.png)
  • Match colors from images and build new LUTs. Color transferring with 2 state-of-art methods.
  • Save your videos in High Quality.

Adjust settings:

  • HSL Curves
  • RGB Curves
  • LAB Curves
  • CMYK Curves
  • Color Balance Wheels (Lift-Gamma-Gain)
  • Saturation
  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Exposure
  • Gamma
  • Highlights
  • Shadows
  • Temperature
  • Tint
  • Overall opacity of the effect
  • Histogram
  • Trim
  • Batch processing (images)

Also, apply any of the 570 presets to your video files!

This app has not In-App purchases or Ads and never will.

Smart Resize 2X

This app has three features:

1. Perfect Double Resize (Waifu 2x):

This app will increase the resolution of your images two folds. No pixelation, blurriness. No noise, glitches or artifacts! The app uses an advanced AI algorithm for achieving the best possible quality when resizing images.

2. Smart Ratio and Scale Resizing (Content-aware scale)

This app will also fix your image size ratio using a deformable background algorithm. Just select the details that you want to keep and the ratio, and your image will be resized without any loss of important information. Perfect for your Instagram stories!

3. Erase (Inpaint, Content-aware fill):

It removes unwanted objects from your photos e.g. logos. Just mask and remove anything that bothers you.

‎Smart Resize - AI
‎Smart Resize - AI
Developer: Enrique Garcia
Price: Free+


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