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Lighten Mind Mapping App by XMind is one of its kind apps for mind mapping for the best way to clarify thinking, boost productivity, brainstorm, and visualize concepts on your iPhone and iPad.

It offers a perfect balance between powerful features and ease of use.

Feature highlights:

  • create mind maps by simple taps
  • many business style themes to choose
  • create folder to organize maps
  • highlight topics with stars
  • add notes
  • create to-do lists with tri-state checkboxes
  • add relationship between topics
  • share mind maps by .lighten file, text, .xmind, Markdown, image or PDF
  • support 3D touch
  • import XMind files*
  • support iCloud Drive
  • and more…

Capture Ideas Instantly

Not only does mind mapping unleash your imagination, but also capture it for you. Lighten records your ideas and sparkles on the go into your mind maps, not letting them escape! Have fun!

Take Meeting Notes Conveniently

Elites always encounter information overwhelm in a lot of meetings. Lighten help you brainstorm, clarify thinking and note important things down on your iPhone and iPad during the meeting, and share your meeting mind maps to colleagues.

Pretty Themes and Business Styles

With many different themes, Lighten help you make pretty mind maps quickly. Simple taps lead you to choose among various types of themes. Business style themes assist you to make professional mind maps for work.

Star It to Highlight

In a big mind map, a star easily stands out. In Lighten, you can star the topic to highlight it, to make it eye-catching and easy to remember and understand!

Mind Mapping with To-do lists

To-do lists with tri-state checkboxes are embedded into Lighten to help you make schedules and do task management, boost your productivity and save your time. Lighten, seamlessly working with your imagination, makes your work more efficiently than ever.

‎Lighten: Mind Mapping by XMind
‎Lighten: Mind Mapping by XMind
The app was not found in the store. 🙁
The app was not found in the store. 🙁


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