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Free Course The Complete C Programming Tutorial @Udemy


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C is the language which has never lost its importance though more advanced programming languages have bee available since then. Whenever, someone wants to learn any OOP (Object Oriented Programming), always advised to learn C programming language first. It is because the concept and structure of C has been adopted by many languages. Find out how you can get this free course The Complete C Programming Tutorial from Udemy.

C Programming Language is the most popular computer language and most used programming language till now, It is very simple and elegant language, Every programmer should and must have learnt C whether it is a Java or C# expert, Because all these languages are derived from C. In this tutorial you will learn all the basic concept of C programming language, This course explains everything with example codes. Every section in this tutorial is downloadable for offline learnings, Topics will be added additional to the tutorial every week or the other which cover more topics and with advanced topics.

  • All basic fundamentals will be explained in detail
  • Regular updates with new topics with examples
  • By the end of the course you will be able to write your own code
  • You will get strong core knowledge with this course


  • Introduction: 4 lectures
  • Hands on first program: 4 lectures
  • Data Types and C Tokens: 5 lectures
  • C program Examples: 7 lectures
  • Decisions and Loops Introduction: 2 lectures
  • Decisions and Loops Examples: 4 lectures
  • Functions in C: 4 lectures
  • Arrays: 8 lectures
  • String Operations: 5 lectures
  • Pointers: 8 lectures
  • Structures in C programming: 5 lectures
  • C pre-processor: 1 lecture

Open the link given below into your browser and register the course for you. The course is free at the time of writing this article.


[C Logo via Wikipedia]

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