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Learn Italian with MosaLingua

I do not know why but the word MosaLingua attracts me a lot. I guess Lingua is from language and Mosa I do not know. Do you? I am not the guy who can be impressed by brand name but quality. But for some reason, the word MosaLingua feels premium and increase the value of the app. It makes my feelings like the app is premium. Whatever the case is, nevermind. Right now you can free download Learn Italian with MosaLingua app from GooglePlay and Apple AppStore.

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Discover our innovative method for learning Italian in no time. More than 600,000 people around the world have learned to speak Italian with MosaLingua. 10 minutes per day is all it takes to achieve concrete results!

It’s a powerful and effective tool – perfect for people who want to learn to speak Italian but don’t have a lot of free time. For travel, work, everyday life… our Italian courses will adapt to your needs and your level.

Learn Italian with MosaLingua benefits: 

1) ONLY useful content: Forget about complicated concepts and vocabulary that will hardly help you at all. Instead, learn the 20% of the Italian language that you’ll use 80% of the time.

2) A modern method based on scientific research: Our international team is made up of polyglots who’ve used the most modern and effective learning, memorization and consolidation techniques (SRS, active recall, metacognition, etc.).

3) Coaching throughout the learning process: Review sessions for consolidating what you’ve learned, mini Italian lessons and learning tips.

4) Fun, effective and motivating: Achieve great results and have fun doing so: your RESULTS will boost your MOTIVATION, which is key to learning Italian.

Learn Italian with MosaLingua consists of:

– 3000+ flash cards of vocabulary and phrases, including audio pronunciations by native Italian speakers
– 14 diverse categories (e.g. Accommodation, transportation, shopping, tourism, social, emergencies…)
-more than 100 sub-categories (e.g. At the restaurant, at the hotel, buying and negotiating, sports, partying, flirting…)
– Up to 10 levels to complete, from the basics to more specialized vocabulary
– 17 dialogues presenting common situations that come up on vacation (or when traveling)
– Study Italian lessons and language tips that will aid your progression
– More than 100 bonus materials to unlock as you progress
– Online Italian dictionnary
– Possibility to create your own cards 

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Learn Italian with MosaLingua
Learn Italian with MosaLingua

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‎Learn Italian - MosaLingua
‎Learn Italian - MosaLingua


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