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Convert Photos to Woodcarving with Moku Hanga App Free for Android, iPhone [Save €4]


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Woodcarving art can be found all over the world. In India, they carve the wooden temples and beautifully carved with gods’ imaginary pictures. These temples are not big but to keep inside home for prayers. They have mastered this art centuries ago. The thing is every culture has its own style. For example, Muslims used woodcarving methods to create beautiful windows and doors. The Moku Hanga app provides the style of Japanese woodblock printing. Right now, Moku Hanga app is free for Android and iPhone.

Moku is a Japanese word for “wood” while hanga is known as “print”, allows you to create an artistic wood-block print from any picture or snapshot — no need for time consuming carving — the artists from JixiPix do all the work for you! With the power to fully customize your Moku Hanga, you can create a masterpiece artistic enough be part of printmaking history!

Moku Hanga Features:

  • Automatically create a work of art with the look of hand chiseled outlines and brushed on color, fully adjustable with simple sliders.
  • Adjust the outline width, strength and how smooth or fluid your chiseled outline appears.
  • Control the color in your artwork with saturation, strength and image color sliders.
  • Choose between two printing styles: “Multi-Color” or “Multi-Block”.
  • The Multi-Color style uses all the original colors in your photo. By adjusting the “Image Color” slider you can reduce or add colors to your artwork giving it a variety of printed-styles, from a full-color block process to spot-color ones.
  • The Multi-Block style uses 5 blocks of color pulled from your original image then divides the colors across your artwork giving the look of carving a separate woodblock for every color. The cool thing about this style is the ability to “Randomize Colors” throughout your artwork and the ability to replace any or all of these colors, using the full-spectrum color picker. You can achieve simple to exaggerated color results using this process.
  • Works with Hi-Res images and saves Hi-Res for top-quality results
  • Gets you started fast with a variety of presets
  • Creates personal-favorite custom presets using the “Save Preset” feature
  • Has the addictive JixiPix Randomizer – so much fun!

Google Play

Moku Hanga
Moku Hanga
Developer: JixiPix Software
Price: $4.99

Apple App Store

‎Moku Hanga
‎Moku Hanga
Developer: JixiPix Software
Price: $4.99


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Barbara Liese

Having trouble saving and sending a hi res photo from Moku Hanga for printing with a commercial firm. Ideas?

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