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This article was previously published on Published 2017/04/17. The book is free again. I thought to tell you again so you do not miss it if you missed it earlier.

It is convenient to distinguish roughly between three kinds of computer programs. Transformational programs compute results from a given set of inputs; typical examples are compilers or numerical computation programs. Interactive programs interact at their own speed with users or with other programs; from a user point of view, a time-sharing system is interactive.

Reactive programs also maintain a continuous interaction with their environment, but at a speed which is determined by the environment, not the program itself. Interactive programs work at their own pace and mostly deal with communication, while reactive programs only work in response to external demands and mostly deal with accurate interrupt handling. Real-time programs are usually reactive. However, there are reactive programs that are not usually considered as being real-time, such as protocols, system drivers, or man-machine interface handlers.

The book Learning Reactive Programming with Java is for experienced programmers, basically. But, no matter you are beginners, advanced programmers, or even experts, you don’t need to have any experience with either Java 8’s lambdas and streams or with RxJava to follow the book.

  1. Chapter 1: An Introduction to Reactive Programming
  2. Chapter 2: Using the Functional Constructions of Java 8 Lambdas in Java 8
  3. Chapter 3: Creating and Connecting Observables, Observers, and Subjects
  4. Chapter 4: Transforming, Filtering, and Accumulating Your Data
  5. Chapter 5: Combinators, Conditionals, and Error Handling
  6. Chapter 6: Using Concurrency and Parallelism with Schedulers
  7. Chapter 7: Testing Your RxJava Application
  8. Chapter 8: Resource Management and Extending RxJava

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