These 8 Great iOS Apps Free For Limited Time


All the apps mentioned below are free at the time of publishing this article. It may, you see some price tag when visiting the iTunes. This means the app is no more free. Not being free and you buy it, you may be charged with the price of the app. The Apps are 3D PDF Reader, 3D Photo Ring HD, Vivid Effection, Faded, FontBoard, SuperWeather App and Pocket Scanner. Today free iPhone and iPad apps are:

3D PDF Reader

3D PDF Reader from Tech Soft 3D extends the use of 3D PDF to mobile devices, providing users with the ability to view and interact with the 3D PDF data directly on iPhone or iPad devices.
3D PDF Reader uses the same 3D format technology used in Adobe Reader for Desktop. Created by Tech Soft 3D, chosen partner of Adobe and established leader in engineering visualization, 3D PDF Reader is the premier solution for mobile users.
Multi-touch gestures let you pan, zoom, and rotate models easily. 3D PDF Reader also supports views, PMI and the ability to query, isolate and hide parts in an assembly.
Direct reading of PDF files (3D content only).
Support for both .PRC and .U3D formats.
Navigate between various model views.
Query the part names of objects.
Isolate or hide components of an assembly.
Select on PMI to determine what it is associated with.
Single tap on 3D models within Adobe Reader to load the model into 3D PDF Reader.

[appstore id=”569307672″ store=”US” style=”smallbox”]


To use the fonts you need iOS7+, to use the fonts through a custom installable font-keyboard you need iOS8+. Regardless, with iOS7 or iOS8 you will be able to use the cool fonts and post them on social media platforms, text them to your friends, even use them in eMails or status updates— so what are you waiting for? Download NOW! This great-deal low-price will not last!
These breath-taking font keyboards have auto-correct functionality built into them!
All of your friend’s are so jealous of your cool typeface once you get FontBoard! FontBoard allows you to install BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS, & STUNNING type-faces into your iOS8+ Keyboards. You can use our font keyboards to type text with styled font in ANYWHERE on your device (in any app) that allows standard keyboard input.
You are unique, your typing should match who you are! Customize, with tons of designer fonts to pick from!
Download NOW! This great-deal low-price will not last!

Check FontBoard in iTunes or the following:

Developer: Apps4Life, LLC.
Price: $0.99+

SuperWeather App

Superweather App – Free for a limited time -download now when its free !

• No advertisements
• Current weather, 24-hour forecast, and 7-day forecast
• Celsius or Fahrenheit
• Kilometer per hour or miles per hour
• Displays local time with locations—no need to use two apps for weather and time
• Weather forecast on the map (rotate the screen to show)
• Forecast time line (rotate the screen to show)
• All weather info you might need: Wind direction and speed info, humidity, precipitation, and pressure
• Sunrise/Sunset, Moonrise/Moonset, and Moon phases info built-in
• Share your weather conditions on Facebook or Twitter
• Swipe horizontally to navigate between locations.
• Swipe vertically to change between Current Weather, 24-hour forecast, and 7-day forecast
• Swipe left on a location to delete it in the Locations screen
• Long-press anywhere on the screen to show (or hide) the toolbar.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

3D Photo Ring HD

This app is a unique photo browser for the iPad with color sorting and a 3D interface not seen before! It can show many more photos at a glance than the default Photos app and uses an intuitive interaction. This app provides an innovative 3D arrangement and content-based color sorting, like no other app! Now with even better visuals (e.g., reflection and anti-aliasing) and cool new features (e.g., share current view via Facebook, Twitter, or Email or open picture in external app)!
Manage your photos with a spellbinding and efficient picture browser that uses a 3D interface to show many more images at a glance than the common list view! Due to the color sorting feature, which groups together visually similar images, you get your pics organized and will find desired images much faster than with the default photo browsing app as scientific user studies have shown!
• Select the albums that should be managed by the browser (Camera Roll or Photo Stream as default)
• Your photos will be shown as 3D rings that can be rotated, zoomed and tapped
• Tap a photo in the ring to see it in full screen mode (you can also switch between photos in full screen mode)
• Based on the number of selected photos and the app settings, rings will be divided into several pages
• Wipe up/down to switch to previous/next ring of current page
• As a default the app is configured to show only 100 pics/page on iPhone and 200 pics/page on iPad; however, in the app settings this value can be increased up to 2000 pics/page
• The app can be configured to show one page for each selected album
• Photos in the rings of one page can be sorted by color or recording time
• The color sorting feature visually organizes all photos on a page
• Interactive 3D Slideshow with fast-forward/reverse feature
• Recording time of pic is shown in full screen mode (detailed EXIF data can also be inspected)
• Emailing or tweeting photos (in full screen mode)
• The ring can be set to automatically rotate (useful for presentations)
• Anti-Aliasing and separating gaps between pics for better visual quality
• Tilt interaction (rotate rings or switch photos in full screen mode by tilt). Can be enabled in the app settings.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Vivid Effection

Vivid Effection is an innovative tool for photo and video creation and processing. It is based on the concept of WYSIWIG, „What You See Is What You Get“. That is, regardless of whether you are recording a movie, taking a photo or processing a video or photo, Vivid Effection will show you the final result of your creative afford at any time.
Vivid Effection includes twenty different base effects you can choose from. Just to mention some: sketch, cartoon, color sketch, neon, sepia, night vision, exposure, kaleidoscope, glass relief, floral drawing, blown…
This sounds a bit static, but it isn’t! You can change the appearance of an effect in many ways. Or choose a painting / drawing effect and use your fingers as your creative tools.
Moreover, Vivid Effection has plenty of parameters to adjust for ambient light or specific environments. It is very easy to use, since every change will be applied in realtime.
Want to adjust, draw or change the effect while recording or playing a video? No problem, since Vivid Effection records simply what you see and this is what you get. So feel free to adjust or draw whenever you want.
Vivid Effection was designed with the focus of intuitive handling without sacrificing the functional range. Thus get it now and start immediately exploring the amazing possibilities!
Follow the live camera input while adjusting your effect. If you are ready, take a photo or start recording. Or load a photo or video from the camera roll and and let your imagination flow.
When you are done, save your artwork to the camera roll or share it directly with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Weibo.
The Effects:
Cartoon – Generates an output in the style of a cartoon.
Sketch – Creates a pencil sketch equivalent of the input.
Colored Sketch – An output in the style of a color pencil sketch is generated.
Neon – Generates an output where the feature-lines look like neon tubes.
Floral Drawing – Animated growing effect of stylized flower. The flower grows along a path drawn by touch. Many different flower styles are selectable.
Sepia Toning – Simulates the process of sepia toning.
Cross Processing – Instagram like color manipulation.
Monochrome – Converts the input to a monochrome output.
Painting – Simulates painting with a brush of variable shape. Besides automatic drawing, the user has the option for custom drawing by touch.
Original – Lets you adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and gamma of the input for all other effects.
Blown – Generates a stylish output by replacing uniform regions with pattern in the median color of the region.
Night Vision – The view through a night vision sight is simulated.
Kaleidoscope – Input as seen through a kaleidoscope.
Interference – Animated simulation of typical interference patterns of a classical television.
Glass Pane – Simulates the view through a glass pane with relief.
Water Ripple – Simulates the view through an animated surface of a fluid.
Glass Painting – Draw a colored relief on a glass pane.
Opal Glass Painting – Colorized drawing of a opal glass pane.
Exposure – Animated simulation of long time exposure.
Icing Glass – Simulates the growing of a frosting pattern on a glass pane in a physical correct manner.
You may also visit our website for a short preview of each effect.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁


Faded is the premier all-in-one photo editing app for the iPhone.  Featuring the most powerful photo editing tools and gorgeous film-inspired looks, Faded is the perfect photo app to take your creativity to the next level.
Faded includes 46 free beautiful exclusive filters and offers 36 premium filters available for purchase in the store. Each filter is previewed in a large grid format and emulates perfectly the beauty and nostalgia of classic film.
Faded provides you the ability to save your adjustments as custom presets, called ACTIONS. An ACTION can be easily applied to any photo as your own personalized filter. Now with the ability to apply saved actions to multiple photos and batch export.
Faded comes packed with color bursting gradients, light leaks, emulsions, and unique frames to give your photos an impactful custom effect while also offering you premium effects to purchase, giving your photos depth and complexity.
Faded’s camera is fully loaded with functional tools allowing you complete control of your shots. Tools such as manual exposure, hands-free snap shutter countdown, compositional grid or square format, and split exposure, focus points. Now with burst mode picture taking and the ability to take multiple photos to be saved in the in-app library.
12 professional, custom adjustments to completely customize your photo including fade, highlights, sharpen, exposure, shadows, grain and more!
Overlay allows you to add an image, solid color, or pattern to your photo. You can then adjust the opacity, filter, and blending mode for a completely unique look.
Faded offers you access to your complete adjustment history, allowing you to revert back to any point in the editing process and save your adjustments as custom actions.
Clean and intuitive design allows you to perfect your images very quickly!
3 Export resolutions, including high resolution export to camera roll with the ability to upload your photos directly to instagram, facebook, twitter, flickr, tumblr, dropbox, evernote, and email.

Pocket Scanner

Pocket Scanner makes the best powerful mobile scanner out of your iPhone, providing you with a brand new interface and the ability to covert scans to PDFs quickly and efficiently, making Pocket Scanner the only document solution you would ever need! Pocket Scanner is fully compatible with iOS 7 and supports AirDrop. Pocket Scanner gives you the flexibility to make quick scans of documents, receipts, whiteboards, business cards, notes, posters, checks, and even multi-page documents. With its built-in support for sharing, you can share your scans as multi-page PDF or JPEG files by email, Evernote, Dropbox, GoogleDocs, Box, SugarSync,, FTP/WebDAV.


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