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Giveaway 1-Click PC Tuneup 15 Lifetime Licenses


[UPDATE-3] Winners have been emailed their won licenses dated July 30, 2013 at 2100 GMT. [/UPDATE-3] [UPDATE-2] Check winners list at the end of article.[/UPDATE-2] [UPDATE-1] Dated 27 July, 2013. Apologies: Because of some serious unavoidable natural happenings, we are unable to deliver your licenses at the time. All the winners will get their licenses during next week. [/UPDATE-1]

If someone is not very familiar with the internal structure and working of Windows operating system, it is quite a headache to maintain Windows smoothness and efficiency at the peak or at least at the maximum health. There are system maintenance tools available with lots of options which always create confusion among simple users. The need is for a tool which should do all the work for you at one click without giving you any headache of thinking and googling which options should be checked. 1-Click PC Tuneup is of its own kind which keeps your PC at maximum health and gives your system the speed which it needs.

1-Click PC Tuneup is the most simplest PC optimizer. You only needs three clicks to optimize your computer: 1st click for analysis, 2nd click for fixing the problems and third click to restart the computer. But the story just does not end here.

1-Click PC Tuneup automatically diagnose the problems in your registry, junk files, memory optimization, internet optimization, system services optimization, etc. And with just one click, fixes all these problems without any interfere with your normal routine. You do not need to tell it what to do with what problem, 1-Click PC Tuneup’s intelligent system optimization engine just do everything for you.

1-Click PC Tuneup has one more feature like PC Profile. PC Profile checks your system status like processor, memory, hard disk  storage and other specs, compare these specs with the average of world use and finally tells you if your system is better than the world average or not.

  • One Click Maintenance
  • PC Optimizer
  • PC Fixer
  • Registry Cleaner
  • Registry Optimizer
  • Junk Files Cleaner
  • Memory Optimizer
  • Internet Optimizer
  • System Service Optimizer
  • Shortcut Cleaner
  • Startup Optimizer
  • Privacy Protector
  • Trace Cleaner
  • Undo Changes
  • PC Information Scan
  • PC Stability Status Analyze
  • PC Performance Status Analyze
  • PC Security Status Analyze

You can read more about 1-Click PC Tuneup here:


Giveaway 1-Click PC Tuneup 15 Lifetime Licenses

Participation Rules:

Before talking about rules, let me tell you, the winners will get lifetime updates/upgrades in future just like premium purchasers. The current version of 1-Click PC Tuneup is

This time and onward, the giveaway rules are changed. Now you need to:

1: Write only one comment with valid email. We hate spam so more than one comment will disqualify you from the contest. Do not use disposable email addresses. There is no exception.

2: You should be our EMail subscribers to our feeds. There is no exception.

3: If you like, you can share it on your favorite social network like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This is not compulsory but we appreciate it.

The Giveaway: 15 Lifetime Licenses of 1-Click PC Tuneup For Windows will ends on 14.07.3013 at 1200GMT. The winners will be announced within 7 days from very next Sunday and the licenses will be dispatched to winners within 7 days from the winners announcement.

If you like, you can join ComputeLogy community on Google+. You are welcome to do your own sharing there.



First 15 are winners. They will get 1-Click PC Tuneup Lifetime License within next 7 days. Congratulations.

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Thank you for a very nice giveaway.


I’ve been subscriber to your page for a long time.Thanks for this giveaway Perti 🙂


Cool interface and nice set of tools to optimize your PC in one interface. I will glad to join in giveaway!

Thank you…



I hope to get 1 license 1-Click PC Tuneup For Windows 🙂


Thank for this giveaway.


I like this kind of saoftware that make my computer run good. This soft look simpler and work nicely.


thank you for giveaway, i am for fist time


very good giveaway

Please count me


Thanks for the giveaway… please count me in



Many many thanks for this awesome Giveaway ! Cool pc optimizing tool ! Must need for every pc. Hope to win one Genuine License ! Please count me in the draw too 😀

Marwan M

A lifetime license is great giveaway. Thak you for this

Mark Latimer

Please put my name in for this drawing!!!

Thank you for bringing this offer to us!!!


Nice giveaway, thanks !



A very handy application and with lifetime updates, this is a real no brainer, count me in.


Good Luck to All.


very nice and helpfull program

suresh gupta

Nice giveawya. I will be happy if i will get the Licenses.
Thank u

Daniel Lopez

Thanks for this giveaway and for maintaining this very helpful website. I’d join you on Facebook but this email address belongs to my employer and we are not allowed access to any social media.

Best Regards,


Great optimizer for Windows!

Thanks, count me in but …..
….. “The Giveaway …will ends on 14.07.3013 at 1200GMT”!!!
Not too late? 😉


I hope to win a license! 🙂


Good suggestion.
Best regards!

Rich Daum

Used many system cleaner. This one seems like it might be the best.

syed hussain

1-Click PC Tuneup-the very best pc software to make a new & an old pc free from problems,would suggest everyone to go for it.thanks


Thanks for this great oportunity.
Hope to win a lifetime license for this great program.

Ruth Rocker

This site always has great information, giveaways and contests. This is another one. Thanks for the chance to win.


One Click Maintenance is very good!

Great giveaway, count me in!


Nice giveaway.Thanx..


another great giveaway!
please count me in on the draw, thank you very much 🙂
btw, i like the captcha 😀


Pls. count me in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best regards, Per


Thanks for the good giveaway
Count me in.


Thanks so much for this GiveAway.
unfortunately because facebook and social networks are blocked in my country i can’t share it on them.
Please count me in.

Vaibhav Manral

I am writing this 2nd time becuase last time when i was submitting my comment it showed me wordpress error try again………..
now about the giveaway:
It is the awesome giveaway for lifetime license of pc tuneup ……..i hope that i could win this giveaway……..please count me in!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the giveaway……..


1-Click PC Tuneup keeps PC at very good health!
Great giveaway!


1-Click PC Tuneup is great software.
Please count me in.


A perfect giveaway. Count me in. Thanks.

Ankit Lal

Excellent giveaway..
Please count me in this.


Nice Giveaway, Count me in.
Thanks for Giveaway.


Great program,please count me in,Thanks

Asriel Rusdyawan

Thanks a lot Dude for this Giveaway.
Please count me in too.


Thanks a lot for the license, to you and to the publisher.

Imran K

You are welcome MerleOne.


I received my license, thanks for the contest!

Imran K

You are welcome.


License is received. Thank you.
Best regards!

Imran K

You are welcome.


I received my license. Thank you 🙂

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