Get Free TrendMicro Titanium AntiVirus+ 2012 Genuine One Year Key


[UPDATE] Click here to get Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus+ 2013.[/UPDATE] Cloud Security has become one important part of computer security software. Many famous security software vendors have implemented cloud security fully or partially to give you maximum protection like Panda Cloud Antivirus, Sophos, TrendMicro Titanium Security line, etc. Antivirus cloud security is more responsive and speedy compared to traditional signature based updates. You get quick updates and cleaning through cloud security compared to low speed and time consuming traditional antivirus signature delivery. So, cloud based security get updates more quickly specially for zero-hour eThreats.

Though cloud security has plus point but still it is not able to replace our traditional security software. For example, scanning file, sending the results of scanned file and waiting for results, receiving result reports from cloud based security, analyzing the reply locally, implementing the advised actions on the file takes time compared to scanning, analyzing and action of file depending on results. Sometime, it may that your local security software is in lack of signatures, it is waiting for traditional type security signature updates and during this it may let the eThreat go without normalizing it. I am not debating in favor of cloud security. It is not fully implemented. Not everybody has 24/7 access to internet. If you are highly dependent on cloud security, you need internet all the time.

Since TrendMicro has released cloud based security, it has improved its protection against all types of threats. TreanMicro Titanium AntiVirus+ 2012 (TMTA 2012) is heavily dependent on cloud security. Being heavily dependent on cloud security, it is low on system resources like fly sitting elephant. But, it will use your internet bandwidth if you have limitations like in China, India, Pakistan and many other countries. I do not have limitations because of 25Mbps connection for 24/7. If you have used any Titanium Security (We have already shared promos for TrenMicro Titanium Internet Security 2011 Here and Here), you are well aware of it.

From the Titanium main console screen, you can easily run antivirus scans or get up-to-the-minute status reports on your computer’s security. Check the state of your protection at a glance. View more details about the software, including online help and account information.
Easy to read graphic reports provide you with all the details about the threats that attack your computer. You can drill down into detailed logs with just one click. The Security Report also includes advice from Trend Micro on how to stay safe online.
Titanium presets Trend Micro’s recommended level of web threat protection, to block malicious links and downloads in emails, instant messages or websites. This recommended level of security protects you from online phishing scams that try to steal credit card or other personal financial information. You will be warned of unsafe web pages and blocked from accessing them. A new “browser guard” feature for Internet Explorer protects against malicious scripts. URL ratings are also provided for instant messaging and web-based email (Yahoo! Mail, MSN and AIM).
Customise your Titanium software user interface with a favourite photograph or image. Simply upload your chosen picture to personalise your Titanium experience. (See example at the end of article.)

Thanks Zsolt for informing us about this good news. Open the following webpage into your browser and scroll down where you will see a big blue button Download Now. You do not need credit card to redeem your free license of TrendMicro Titanium AntiVirus+ 2012.

Click on this button and you will be taken to a new refreshed page where you need to fill your details. Your email should be real because you will receive your license into your email. There is not check for all other info which you will submit. Submit the info.

On the next page, you will asked to confirm your info. Just do it.

On this final page, you will be given the download links for both 64-bit and 32-bit TrendMicro Titanium AntiVirus 2012. You will also get your license on the same page but also into your email.

License also works with official installer. You can read more and download TrendMicro Titanium AntiVirus 2012 from here:

If for some reason, TrendMicro Titanium AntiVirus 2012 refused to start or extract the installation program, right click on the installation package and extract the package. For extraction, you need to have WinZip or WinRAR. After extraction, run Setup.exe and the installation will start installing TrendMicro Titanium AntiVirus 2012.

TrendMicro Titanium AntiVirus 2012 with changed interface:


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Where’s the link?


Thank you very much ! Very goog protection…


Promo NOT working anymore

Processing serial or unlock code (waited for 2 hours)


without antivirus software on my old PC for best performance =))


its not displaying serial now. I also did not got it in my email




Went in for a free copy. My order was “processed” but no serial number or unlock code were given. Also no download link were provided in the e-mail confirmation of my order. Just a time waster more than anything else, I guess.


No key,just empty field on Welcome email.May be is just test page,not real promo.


Promo still works with UK IP address.Just got a key.:) Thanks for sharing.


Perti, thank you for sharing. It was a real promo, but I think it was also a restricted promo for users in the UK only. All others are simply ignored.


I got the same result as you guys (no key) and I’m from the UK. I got in for the key quite early as well….


I got my Serial Number and downloads, both 64-bit and 32-bit installers are linked.

Please be patient and check the email you registered, be ready with Order Number and Password you provided.


I got the license after 2 days. I used US IP address and my home address in the US. Thanks for sharing 🙂


Hi, got the serial no, but the download link expired. Can any one give me a link to offline installer.

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