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Get Free Paragon CampTune 7.5 for Mac Till 2400GMT April 03, 2010


Hi Friends,
I received an update on downloadjunkie.co.uk through RSS reader that they are offering Paragon CampTune 7.5 for Mac. It is not the current version. The latest version is 8 which costs around $20. But if you are using Mac and Windows OS is also being used, Paragon CampTune 7.5 would be a good choice for you.
This is 11th article on the shareware promos from Paragon-Software. Did you see the frequency of promos from Paragon? Stop buying… wait n get.
Apple Boot Camp makes it possible to set up a dual boot system between Windows and Mac OS X. Unless you have planned ahead particularly well, it is likely that you will find that one operating system has been assigned more disk space than it needs while the other is lacking in breathing room.
Ordinarily, the only option would be to wipe out one of the operating systems before resizing partitions and reinstalling. However, Campetune offers and alternative, making it possible to redistribute drive space between Windows and OS X.
The program installation guides you through the process of creating a bootable CD that can then be used to access the tool. After creating the bootable disc, you will need to boot your Mac from it and Camptune will automatically run. You can then use the Redistribute HFS Wizard to resize partitions to suit your requirements – this can be achieved by simply moving a slider and the software will take care of the hard work for you.
Article can be found here:
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