Free License Key Engelmann MobileVideo 2 Save €20

The software converts DVD-videos (or single chapters) as well as common MPEG-4-video files (e.g. DivX, Xvid and x264) reliably. The well-structured and easy-to-handle user interface as well as the preset profiles helps the user to find easily the best settings for your device.
Supported Devices: Android-based devices, e.g. Nexus 5, Apple devices, e.g. iPod, iPhone, iPod nano,Archos, BlackBerry Storm/Bold/Curve/Pearl, Commodore PCM-30, Centrix,

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I don’t know if we still need DVD rippers because since the smartphones are in everybody’s hands and the availability of all media in digital format, it seems bit strange to sit in front of DVD player. I can use my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (a two years old smartphone) to stream all the videos to my 42-inch TV. But if you still watch DVDs, what could be better than a professionally designed DVD ripper from Wonderfox.

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