MASSIVE SALE 29 Paid iPhone iPad Apps Free Today

There is a great deal for persons from finance and business in today’s free app list for iPhone and iPad apps. There are a few dictionaries regarding finance terms for professionals and personal use. Users have important terms and words on their finger tips to find. There is also one app which provides information about small business organization. And of course, as usual, I have apps for music, camera, games, digital scanner and copier, text to speech, currency converter including bitcoin converter and many other essential good apps.

Black Friday Deal 42 Paid iPhone iPad Apps Free Today

Black Friday is USA tradition and rest of the world has nothing to do it but now this concept is changing. Since a few years, in Europe, specially in UK, the vendors and stores are offering deals to celebrate Black Friday. I was reading that people got injuries and some of them fought in UK today. I hope there will not be bad news from USA. We will know in one week how much people have spent on Black Friday. To celebrate this day, here I have huge list of paid iPhone iPad apps free today.

Free PDF PROvider for iPhone and iPad for Limited Time

In its core, PDF PROvider is the robust convert to Adobe renowned format. Use it to convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pages, Numbers and Keynote files, as well as Web Pages, Maps, Contacts, Photos and other popular content. With the built-in scanner, internal web browser, Open In command and support for Dropbox storage, PDF PROvider ensures quick access to all your essential documents and major content. The Convert To PDF Extension now allows to convert web content from you any browser. Moreover, you will appreciate advances annotation tools that enable to make comments share thoughts and sign PDF documents.

SUPER SAVE $63: Download Free 23 Paid iPhone and iPad Apps

Todays listing has many useful apps. Some of them are few visual storytelling apps for kids as well as for elders (if they like it). There is one app for keyboard named Elliptic Keyboard which let you type using one hand. The keyboard really follow some good rules of Usability like easy access. You should give it a try. Net Master HD helps you to analyze and diagnose the networking problems with your iOS devices. You may also get task manager, photo effects manager, puzzle game, finance manager and many other useful apps

Right Now 23 paid iPhone and iPad Apps Free – Get Before its Over

This week has been for very good in terms of freebies from Apple App Store and Amazon AppStore. Usually, on iTunes there is always a big list of gone free apps for iPhone and iPad users and Amazon only gives one free app a day. But yesterday, Amazon is giving away many apps worth of at least $104 which can be installed on any Android device. Also that my previous listing of free apps for iPhone and iPad still has many apps available as free which you check it here. And don’t forget to get free Photo Editor by Aviary including all the plugins for limited time. Aviary Photo Editor is the best app of its kind for all iOS and Android devices.

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